Posted by Andrew Cheetham Posted on 2 May 2019

Stasi State: Amazon “Ring” Doorbell Surveillance Wants To Create A Crime News Network

‘Amazon is currently looking to hire someone with the title “Managing Editor, News” for its Ring doorbell surveillance hardware and software which wants to create a Stasi police state run by citizens themselves.

Activist Post has previously warned you that it’s not enough that Amazon is on record working with the FBI with its Facial Rekogntion biometric software … no, Amazon is also spying on customers of its recently purchased home surveillance cameras called “Ring.”

The job description for Amazon Ring’s “Managing Editor, News” is as follows, according to Amazon’s website.

The Managing Editor, News will work on an exciting new opportunity within Ring to manage a team of news editors who deliver breaking crime news alerts to our neighbors. This position is best suited for a candidate with experience and passion for journalism, crime reporting, and people management. Having a knack for engaging storytelling that packs a punch and a strong nose for useful content are core skills that are essential to the success of this role. The candidate should be eager to join a dynamic, new media news team that is rapidly evolving and growing week by week.


· Manage quality assurance of all posted news alerts to ensure timeliness, efficiency, and accuracy
· Provide general assistance and oversight to the entire news team on an around-the-clock basis (standardized workflow, internal collaboration, and mentorship)
· Identify compelling and actionable new alert formats and test markets for pilot programs
· Work with product team to optimize CMS and provide solutions for necessary improvements
· Develop internal reports on news trends and relevant team statistics.

The job states it requires at least five years’ experience “in breaking news, crime reporting, and/or editorial operations” and three years in management. Preferred traits include “deep and nuanced knowledge of American crime trends,” “strong news judgment that allows for quick decisions in a breaking news environment,” and experience using “social media channels to gather breaking news.”

I don’t have the experience needed, but I figured I would troll them — or in the odd chance I get the job, I’ll be posting internal documents to using the TOR portal after wiping all the exit data of course!’

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