Posted by Andrew Cheetham Posted on 2 May 2019

Bolton mocks Maduro’s bunker-bound ‘cowardice’ on day he addresses crowds in Caracas

US national security adviser John Bolton has condemned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for “hiding in a military bunker” even as the leader was actually addressing crowds of supporters in the street.

Maduro “hides in a military bunker somewhere, surrounded by his Cuban overseers and corrupt cronies,” Bolton sneered in a tweet, denouncing the Venezuelan leader as a “cowardly autocrat” while praising opposition frontman Juan Guaido as a “brave leader.”

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Unfortunately for Bolton, Twitter was paying attention, and someone pointed him to a live feed of Maduro speaking in front of a huge crowd of supporters.

Guaido “bravely lead[ing] the Venezuelan people through the streets” from atop a vehicle looked a bit less impressive in comparison, though it’s understandable why the opposition politician saw fit to put a car’s distance between himself and “the Venezuelan people” after what happened last time he tried to mingle with the commoners he claims support him.

But the Trump administration has never let truth get in the way of a good Venezuela story. Pompeo, too, has mocked Maduro for “hiding” in the aftermath of Guaido’s failed coup attempt on Tuesday, joking, “‘Nerves of Steel’ hasn’t shown himself very much today!” to a Fox News host after Maduro boasted of his continued support from the military.’

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