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Places That You Should Not Miss When Travelling to Thailand

Thailand has been getting a lot of attention from western tourists lately. Part of the reason is that it offers beautiful exotic beaches, adventurous jungle treks, happening party scenes and a lot more at a very pocket-friendly cost. Many people opt for Thailand for short getaways while some even prefer extended stays thanks to the captivating nature of the country. Thailand is a reasonably big country with a number of destinations scattered throughout, which often makes it difficult for tourists to pick and choose places. Here are some of the key Thai destinations that you should not miss out on.


While the farther islands of the country remain the most marketed ones, this happening beach town that is located at 3-hour drive from the capital deserves a visit. Ever since Pattaya has been developed into a touristy town from a fishing village, it has enjoyed a notorious reputation of being a bachelor-pad and a non-family destination. As a matter of fact, today Pattaya has a lot to offer for people of every age group and is a lively beach town that offers everything from lively street markets, scrumptious food to amazing water parks, nature treks and history excursions. There are numerous other Pattaya attractions such as the wild safari and elephant sanctuary that you will love even as a family.



Being the largest island in the kingdom, Phuket is also among the very first islands that were developed as a tourist attraction. Phuket has unlimited entertainment and serenity to offer for everyone, which is why it is also considered as a stand-alone destination. You can easily pass a week in Phuket alone without getting bored. Apart from the historical Phuket town and the number of beautiful beaches that the island sports, it is further dotted by other smaller islands that are an absolute paradise. Koh Phi Phi, Maya Beach, and Phangan Bay are some of the must-visit islands when in Phuket.


Koh Samui

Koh Samui is by far the most exotic and luxurious of all places that Thailand has to offer. Other things aside, you will find yourself immediately fall in love with this beautiful island as soon as you will land on that cozy little airport that symbolizes natural serenity. The island offers beautiful white sandy beaches with lush green jungle and beautiful waterfalls that offer unparalleled relaxation for your mind and soul.


Chiang Mei

People often associate Thailand with only beaches, but this beautiful town will change your perception. Chiang Mei is located in the country’s mountains and the pleasant cooler temperatures of the mountains offer an amazing retreat from the humidity that you find at the sea level. Chiang mei is a town that sports beautiful rice paddies, culturally rich local village, beautiful ancient Buddhist Temples and mesmerizing jungle walks and treks.



Bangkok is essentially a metropolis and the country’s capital. It also happens to be one of the busiest cities due to its high economic activity, which is why many tourists do not take much interest in here. However, if you are a shopping freak and a foodie, you should not miss out on this extremely happening Thai metropolis.


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