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Common Mistakes People Make With Watches

Everything in the world comes with certain rules, regulations, specifications and conditions. If you may not abide by those rules, you will be singled out or feel odd. Anything related to fashion or your attire also has to be worn or followed according to the rules it comes with.

Just like in older days a man’s personality could easily be judged by the shoes he wore. Similarly, a watch also does reflect as much to tell a lot about one’s personality and style preferences. Watches too are to be worn keeping certain protocols under consideration, the moment you deviate from those rules; you are mostly likely on the wrong track.

Watches in the present era come with a lot of specifications, functions, types, brands, price ranges and mechanical differences. It can be pretty daunting how to mix and match and effectively sport your collection of wrist watches and be amongst the most adequate watch collectors. To equip you with the basic knowledge we have come up with a few dos and don’ts of wearing a watch, have a look!


Just like a car’s engine needs regular maintenance, similarly your watch also being a machine requires maintenance at regular intervals. A watch’s main idea is to accurately measure time; the precision will wane if it is not being taken care of mechanically.

If you wish to have your watch serve you for longer, servicing is a must. Servicing also does not come cheap. It may cost hundreds of pounds in one go, not including if any replacement is required. So, in order to avoid a big disaster, it is better to get regular checkups done.


Just like you may not sport a swim wear at a birthday party, similarly a black tie affair is no place for a sports watch.

In other words when it comes to wearing a wrist watch, one size does not fit all. Every category has to be matched with an appropriate attire and occasion otherwise quite possibly you can make a fool of yourself. You can wear an IWC Aquatimer only when it suits the occasion and your outfit.


It is essential that you wear your watches befitting your company, be it a lunch date or an official dinner.

“Subtle pieces from respected brands say a lot more than showcase novelties,” says Erica Redgrave. For instance, diamond encrusted Rolex may be a masterpiece of the manufacturer but it is not considered fit for an everyday affair.

Let us put it this way: it is unethical to brag about your salary, so avoid letting your watch do that either.


It will be quite a shame if you are spending a month worth salary on a watch and you do not know what features it possesses and the functions it performs.

Chronographs, perpetual calendars and moon phases are the features you must have paid a hefty amount for then why not to know the features inside out.


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