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The Best CDB Tinctures and CBD Oil Companies

CBD is big business these days, and the rapid growth in popularity has led to a market that is fast becoming saturated with rival products. It’s also led to poor quality CBD being readily available, which is something we will come back to later on.

CBD – cannabidiol – is one of the many compounds that can be extracted from the hemp plant. These are known as cannabinoids, and research has been underway for some time as to the benefits and effects of each. It is known that CBD – in oil or tincture form, and as edibles – is genuinely active in helping relieve chronic pain, can help with sleep, and is also useful for those who suffer from anxiety.

What we want to tell you about today is why it is vital that you are certain the CBD you are buying is of a suitable quality, so let’s look at some of the problems that may arise.

What You Need to Look For

First, you do need to be careful sourcing your CBD oil. There are many reasons why this is so, but be aware that there have been many instances of scams in the world of CBD supply. Buyers have been duped into buying products that claimed to be CBD oil but were in fact not.

This sort of thing happens when unscrupulous people see a rapidly expanding market and jump on the bandwagon with inferior or fake goods, their sole intention being to strike while the iron is hot and make some money.

There is a good review of the best CBD tinctures that we recommend you have a look at, as it is full of great advice from an authoritative source.

The following are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for a CBD supplier:

  • Source – you need to know that the source of the hemp plant from which your CBD has been extracted is a reputable one. Contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides which may be present in the ground will naturally be absorbed into the plant roots, so you must ensure your CBD has been grown in a controlled space is not contaminated. There have been many examples of contamination, especially in cheap imports from China, so look for a domestically source product.
  • Refinement Process – look for a product that is refined by the CO2 extraction process; this will be clearly indicated by the manufacturer – indeed, don’t buy a product from anyone who is at all hesitant to tell you any of these facts – and is the cleanest way to extract and refine the compound.
  • CBD to THC Ratio – some ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD oils include THC, which is the powerful psychoactive element in the plant. Evidence from research shows that it is possible that CBD and THC combined provide a better effect than CBD with the THC removed, but research is still ongoing. There are legal requirements as to the permitted THC content in a CBD product, so make sure your chosen CBD oil complies.
  • Beware Outrageous Claims – as with scams mentioned above, some CBD oil suppliers have resorted to claiming that their CBD oil can ‘cure’ certain serious illnesses. It can’t, so walk away from anyone promoting the product as a miracle cure, or where there are suspiciously impressive customer reviews that claim the same – these are more than likely fake.

CBD oil is a proven product in pain control and anxiety relief, so follow the above tips and look for an organic product that is guaranteed free from contaminants, and you may find it is exactly what you are looking for.


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