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The Best Way to be Prepared for Your Move

Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful events you will ever undertake. It’s an exciting time when your life is completely turned upside down for a few days – perhaps even weeks – as you enter into the turmoil of preparing for your move. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance the problem remains the same – there is simply so much to do before the move, let alone on the day!

We strongly recommend that you start by putting together a moving checklist quite a while in advance. The legalities of buying and selling a home – or renting – can be lengthy, so preparation is essential. What should be on your checklist? The following are some tips that will make your move easier, less stressful, and ensure you have everything covered.

In Advance

Your checklist should begin with things to do a few months before your move, as planning that far in advance is essential. Here are some things you should get out of the way before you even start to plan for the physical move itself:

  • Engage a solicitor to handle your conveyancing
  • Ensure you have an expert to sort out your mortgage for you
  • If you have children, get the school transfers sorted out right now
  • Make a list of valuable items you will need packing and moving, and get some quotes

You may also want to inform your utility suppliers in advance of your move, and give them a date for your accounts to be changed to the new address.

We suggest making a physical checklist on which you can tick off each process as you complete it. It is also good advice – if you are moving not too far away – to visit the area and check out the local amenities, so you know where everything is that you might need access to.

Getting Closer

Getting nearer to the date, and the most important thing to do is find a reputable and reliable moving company. You will find many options locally so invite them to have a look at your belongings and furniture, and to give you a quote. Make sure to book them a few weeks in advance as they are often booked up.

Also, you’ll need to arrange for a survey of your new home perhaps a couple of months before you commit to everything. This will reveal if there are any problems that may alter your decision, and is a very important part of the procedure.

If you need anything putting into storage make sure you arrange this a month before you move – your chosen removals company should be able to help you with this – and also, ensure that your solicitor has finalised all aspects of the sale and purchase, and the move, well before the day.

A Week Before

By now you should be well underway with packing the items that you can handle – leave the expensive and valuable items to the removal company who will be insured – and you should have a good understanding of what is left to do.

You will be ready to switch your utilities across, but be aware there will still be plenty to do! This is the time when things are at their most stressful, so make sure you delegate tasks to others in the family, and let the moving company do everything they can to take the weight off your hands.

The above are just a few tips that will help, so we recommend you check out the link provided for more in-depth advice, and make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.


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