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6 Excellent Ways to Put Your Basement to Good Use

Ever since you moved in, the idea of doing something with the basement has been on your mind. Now that you have a few other projects out of the way, why not devote a little time to ideas for basement renovations in Ajax? There’s quite a bit you could do with the basement. Here are some ideas that will help spark your creativity.

Another Bedroom for the Family

Your family is growing and the day will come when one more bedroom will come in handy. Now is a great time to talk with a contractor about a basement renovation. Along with wiring, think about adding plenty of overhead lighting, lots of outlets, and a sizable closet.

Temperature control is something else to consider. Have you thought about how to keep a basement apartment warm?  What about air conditioning during the warmer months. You could tie into the home’s main HVAC system or invest in a stand-along ductless unit for the basement.

A Guest Suite

Instead of having family members move out of their bedrooms or asking guests to bed down on the sofa, why not consider basement renovations in Ajax that create a beautiful guest suite. Consider creating a bedroom area paired with a small living area. Remember to include a full bath in the space so your guests don’t have to walk up and down the stairs during the night. You may even put in a small kitchenette and keep it stocked with beverages and snacks. Your guests will love every minute of the stay.

An Efficiency Apartment

What about making the basement into a source of revenue? A contractor can help you convert the basement into a great efficiency apartment. This is an especially workable idea if the basement has a direct entrance from outside. The space will be great for a student or someone who is single and needs a comfortable place to live for an affordable price.

You will need to work out how to keep a basement apartment warm during the cooler months and cool during the warmer months. A contractor can talk with you about several approaches that will be energy efficient and ensure your tenant is comfortable at all times.

Your Own Home Theater

Have you ever wanted your own space to stream movies on a large screen? An expert who has managed a number of basement renovations in Ajax can provide some excellent tips for converting your space into a home theater. That includes the wiring, choosing a screen, setting up the seating, and maybe adding a small cooking area so you can prepare popcorn, pizza, and store plenty of cold beverages. Think of how nice it would be to have a large home theater along with the equipment to stream any kind of movie you like.

An Arts and Crafts Room

Arts and crafts is one of your passions. Most of the time, you use the dining room table for projects. That’s great until someone drops by and you shove everything in a closet. What if you had a space set aside for your craft projects? Nothing would have to be put away and there would be plenty of room to organize all of your supplies. Best of all, you can close the closet door when someone visits and go right back to work when they leave.

The Perfect Home Office

How many years have you wanted a home office? The basement can become the perfect place to establish your home business, provide peace and quiet when you need to work on taxes, or focus on any type of project you like. Consider installing bookshelves that will accommodate all the books you’ve kept since they aren’t available in electronic form.  Remember to include a couple of cozy chairs for reading as well as plenty of ambient light.

It’s your space. Do whatever would make it into something that provides benefits to you and the family. From more space for your use to an apartment you can rent, there are all sorts of possibilities. Settle on a purpose, come up with a plan with the contractor, and remember that you want to figure out how to keep a basement apartment warm and cool according to the season. Once the job is complete and the space is in use, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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