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Top 6 Types of Footwear That You Need in Your Closet

Footwear is just as important as any other aspect of your wardrobe. You want the shoes or boots to be appropriate for the occasion, comfortable, and durable. While you may have to be mindful of how much you spend on clothing and footwear, it pays to have these three styles of shoes or boots in your wardrobe. Choosing to invest in quality brands like Riekers ensures your investment in the footwear will pay off. Here are the six types that you need to own now.

Dress Shoes for Work

Being properly dressed for an office environment means selecting footwear that’s a little more formal in appearance. Just as your attire must be considered business class, the same is true for your shoes. Opt for a pair of Rieker shoes that works well with most of your business outfits and make sure you take proper care of them.

It helps if you invest in at least two pair. The idea is to alternate wearing them from one day to the next. Along with prolonging the life of each pair, you get to add a little something different to your daily outfits.

Something For Casual Days

Does your office have a Casual Friday? Perhaps there are other occasions when more casual attire is considered acceptable. You can bet that there are Riekers styles that will work just fine if the dress for the day happens to be business casual or casual. From loafers to athletic shoes, you can easily match the right pair with everything from jeans to slightly dressy slacks.

Boots Made For Walking

Maybe you’re the type of person who loves to walk. Part of your routine is a nice walk after an evening meal. You may even like to head to the country now and then and take a nice long walk through the woods. In those situations, you do need a pair of sturdy boots that also help to keep your feet comfortable and dry. A pair of Rieker shoes or boots designed for walking will also help protect your feet while providing the support and comfort that you need.

And Sandals For Warm Weather

While many types of shoes or boots can be worn most of the year, there are times when you need to think about something that’s specifically for warmer weather. A nice pair of sandals is a great idea. Consider going for a design that has a comfortable but thick sole. You also want the design to be easy to remove when you like but capable of remaining on the foot for hours without any type of rubbing or other irritation. Remember that the sole design and the support offered by the heel strap will go a long way toward preventing aches and pains in the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Sneakers for Wearing on Weekends

There are times when you need a pair of casual shoes for running errands or while shopping with friends. Having your own pair of go-to sneakers allows you to be ready for anything that you decide to do on the spur of the moment. Sneakers are great for just about any type of casual outfit. You can wear them with socks, including ankle socks, or you can simply slip them on and go. Choose a pair of Riekers that you can clean with relative ease and that also resists staining. They will last you for years.

And Something to Wear While You Work Out

Whether you work out at home or at a gym, you do need something that will protect your feet while also providing support and allowing the feet to breathe. You’ll find that a pair of Rieker shoes designed for athletic activities is the way to go. The shoes will hold up well to many trips to the gym, make it easy to take advantage of the running track as well as getting you around the weight room or being perfect for fitness classes.

Are you lacking one of more of these six types of footwear? That’s easy to correct. Shop online for whatever you need today. Once you have all the bases covered, you will be ready for just about any type of activity.

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