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6 Tips That Will Make Your Jet Charter Rental Simple

You’re planning a trip and decided that arranging for a jet charter is the most practical solution. Once you find the right service, it’s time to begin preparing to make the reservation. Before you actually rent learjet for the flight, it pays to take care of a few things. Address these issues first and your flight will be everything that you want it to be.

Come Up With a Plan for Your Departure and Return Dates

The nice thing about chartering a pilatus aircraft is that you are not limited to the schedules prepared by commercial airlines. Even so, it’s a good idea to have departure and return dates and times in mind before you call the service. Most charter services do their best to accommodate their clients, and will arrange to leave and return on the dates and times you have in mind. When you call, it will only take a moment or so to determine what’s available, and lock in the reservation.

Book as Much in Advance as  Possible

It’s true that many charter services are flexible enough to make trips on the spur of the moment. They also appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Since you are planning a trip well in advance, make sure you rent Learjet and confirm the reservation early in your planning. Doing so will allow you a wider range of options for the craft as well as make it easier for the charter service to manage any special requests that are part of your flight agenda.

Think About Meals and Snacks

How long will the flight last? If it’s a couple of hours, arrange for snacks and beverages to be on board before the departure. When the trip will take longer, plan on having at least one meal. With advance notice, it’s possible for the charter service to accommodate meal plans that includes foods for special diets. If you need to watch your carbohydrate intake or stay away from foods that are higher in cholesterol, the meal suggestions will take those factors into consideration. The right type of food and snacks will make your trip on the chartered Pilatus aircraft all the more enjoyable.

Remember to Mention the Pets

Do you plan on taking along your pets? Always let the charter service know in advance. That makes it easier to come up with any specifics needed to ensure the pet is comfortable. Even if the plan is for you to keep them with you and your guests in the cabin, there’s still the matter of making sure the pet has food and water to enjoy during the trip.

Remember that more exotic pets will require some special care. What works just fine if you are taking along a dog or a cat may not work as well if the plan is to take your pet python along. Letting the charter service know in advance ensures all reasonable steps are taken to ensure you and your pet are comfortable.

Choose Your Wardrobe With Comfort in Mind

There is no need to dress to impress when you rent Learjet from a charter service. The focus should be on comfort. Make sure you have on something that’s warm enough and that you can lounge in with ease. A pair of jeans and your favorite sweater will work nicely.

Even if you plan on going straight from the airport to some event that requires business attire, remember there is a restroom on the jet where you can change before landing. Your outfit will be crisp and wrinkle free, plus you get to relax with greater ease during the flight.

Update the Charter Service If You Need to Make Changes

If there is any change in your plans, please let the charter service know as soon as possible. For example, you may need to change your departure time to a few hours later. Call the service and they will make sure your Pilatus aircraft is still available for the adjusted departure time. They will also take care of updating the team at your destination. If they also need to delay deliveries of food or other services you’ve requested, the charter personnel will take care of those details as well.

Charter flights are great for everything from family vacations to business trips. With proper planning on your part, all the necessary arrangements will be in place and ready for you to board at the agreed upon time. From there, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the flight.

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