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5 Potential Benefits of Facebook’s Coming Messaging App Merger

Apps are being updated regularly, and big popular apps like Instagram and Facebook have changed over the years, coming up with new useful features. Despite the many changes the platform has been through, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has talked about an idea that will revolutionize the famous app.

The news is that Facebook wants to merge three popular apps into one platform, and these are Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Although they will continue to exist by themselves, their features are also planned to be integrated into the new project. But is it really such a good idea?

Here are 5 potential benefits of this upcoming app:


  • Ease of Navigation


Seriously, aren’t you tired of having to switch between 3 apps when wanting to use certain features and message particular people? It’s not only annoying, but also very time-consuming. Therefore, the merging of Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will save you the trouble of app hopping.

According to Zuckerberg, if you were to shop on the Marketplace, you wouldn’t have to switch to the Messenger app for communication – you will be able to talk over WhatsApp. Overall, it makes things much simpler.


  • WeChat


Apparently, the Chinese don’t have the news feed we’re all used to on social media. What they have is WeChat, which operates like a web browser. In other words, it allows you to not only talk to people, but also buy clothing, order lunch, share pictures or many other things.

Concurrently, there’s no app similar to it in the western world, which is why Zuckerberg’s idea is revolutionary – it will make it easier for businesses to communicate.


  • Chatbots


Unless you’re using an Instagram bot to increase your follower count, your audience probably consists of real people that will want to keep in touch.

If you thought messaging someone on Instagram using WhatsApp is useless, you should be aware of the influence it has on businesses. Jogging from an app to another is not pleasant when you’re a big company, which is why this merging is going to be so beneficial. Thanks to it, businesses will find it easier to communicate with their audience, thus gaining new customers and maintaining the remaining ones.


  • End-to-End Encryption


WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption, and a lot of people like this about the app. As such, Zuckerberg is very excited to implement it in this mix, considering the feature is not available in Messenger or Instagram.

Through extending the encryption by merging the platforms into one, this could make Facebook give up on its ability to analyze the messages people send each other on the app.


  • An Email Alternative


Whereas email marketing is such a money-making industry, it’s not that amazing. Basically, your email can easily be bought from an email list vendor or just guessed, and you’ll receive unsolicited and annoying emails as a result.

With this merging, email marketing could have a rival, as it will be much easier for businesses to reach most users.

WhatsApp might have amazing encryption, and Instagram is a great app where you could get exposure through a hashtags app only. Even so, merging them with Facebook Messenger will create something even better, and especially if you’re a business, you should look forward to this future update.


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