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How Can CBD Oil Help Your Dog?

They Are a Lot Like Humans

Dogs live in the moment and most of them can go from 0mph to 120mph in a few seconds. Try asking a sleeping dog if they want to go for a ‘car ride’ and see what happens. They are always ready to go, even when they are asleep.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to getting themselves into some troubles and health issues. Dogs are athletes, ask any border collie and they will be happy to show you. Dogs participate in many sporting events, work side by side as hunting dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs and bomb sniffing dogs. Some dogs win the prize for chasing the squirrel up the tree in your back yard. Either way, no matter what they do, they are athletes. Athletes hurt themselves.

Hemp treats for dogs are a great way to ensure that your dog is comfortable. They can’t tell you when their muscles are sore from catching the frisbee you threw for them for over an hour yesterday. As they age, they get arthritis just like people do. CBD is able to relieve arthritis pain, foot pain, joint aches but it is also great for anxiety as well.

CBD oil for dog anxiety is one of the best treatment options available. Many owners report that their dog howls and barks when they must be left home alone. This is referred to as ‘separation anxiety’ and a lot of dogs suffer from it. It isn’t easy to treat this problem and often requires hiring a dog trainer. CBD is a great way to help ease them while you train them, helping them get over this condition.

Keeping Them Healthy

Dogs can get many health problems and chronic illnesses. In fact, they share many of these same issues with humans, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, irritable bowel, cancer, kidney disease, epilepsy, and even leukemia. Dogs have the same endocannabinoid that humans have as well. This means that they are able to use CBD oils that are formulated without THC (THC is harmful to them) specifically for them. Innovet Pet CBD treats for dogs are formulated to be safe, while still giving them the benefits of cannabinoids for relieving pain, anxiety, behavioral issues resulting from prior abuse (like PTSD in humans), and regulation of metabolism to help with blood sugar and weight maintenance.

Dogs suffer from allergies, both seasonal allergies that cause nasal problems and also skin allergies that cause itching and skin irritations. Using CBD products that are formulated especially for dogs can help relieve allergic reactions by boosting the immune system and acting as an anti-inflammatory. The skin has its own endocannabinoid system, so using CBD in topical applications is also perfectly fine in situations where sores are present.

As more people begin using CBD for their dogs, more types of products will be developed to make using the oil even easier. Flavored oils are made in tinctures that taste like fish or coconut. Dogs actually love some of the fruit flavors too. You might decide to try a plain oil that you can add directly into wet food. Dogs are not as finicky as cats are, so finding a way they can enjoy CBD isn’t usually difficult. You may try whipping your own peanut butter with some oil to create a stuffed treat with CBD infused peanut butter? If you don’t wish to get creative on your own, many CBD treats for dogs are made so that you can simply buy a bag of the healthy goodies and start passing them out to your dog. Follow the directions on the bag and start them right away, with ease.

There are many behavioral problems that happen in the household that people don’t really understand are anxiety at the root. Dogs get stressed over loud noises, over-stimulation and the like. When they are highly triggered, they will often fight with each other. The dog that is over-stimulated will turn on the dog closest to them. This is a displaced aggression that happens purely out of frustration. If you have issues like this in your household, it is likely anxiety that is the root cause. Working with your dogs, perhaps by hiring a trainer or getting help from a behavior specialist, and using CBD treats to help calm the root issue as you teach your dog a better way to handle stress is a great way to solve the problem.

Because We Love Them

Science has shown us that when dogs look at us, their brain releases the same hormones that humans release when we look at the person we love. Yes, they feel genuine love for their owner. This is heartwarming because we certainly love them. In fact, other research has shown that humans grieve the loss of a pet as hard, if not worse, than when they lose a human they love.

When you take these things into account, it is no surprise that we’d do anything to help our best furry friends and family members to feel better and stay as healthy as possible. If CBD treats for dogs can do so much to help boost their immune systems, help them age more slowly and feel less pain, then surely that is a simple enough thing that we can do for them. Thankfully, the restrictions on hemp have been lifted so that these products now exist.

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