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How to Choose the Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Your Flower Girls

Getting married is one of the most important parts of a woman’s life. It is the point that marks the beginning of a new journey filled with love, care, emotions, feelings, and joy. That is why the wedding ceremony is extremely important for most women. It is that one day where a woman truly feels like a queen as her father walks her down the aisle. Most women dream about their weddings and plan it for years, much before they even find a partner to get married too. 

A fairytale princess dressed in a gown with her bridesmaid making her dolled up and cute little flower girls walking ahead of her to usher her to the altar. Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect in every way and that is probably the reason why she wants to be involved in the planning phase completely, including the planning of outfits for her bridesmaids and flower girls.

 Many people undermine the significance of flower girls, but as a matter of fact, they are one of the most important elements of a wedding ceremony. A bride is supposed to be the highlight and the main center of attention on a wedding event, but if there is someone who is able to grab that attention other than the bride, it is the flower girl. 

Unlike the bridesmaid, flower girls are cute little girls, often toddlers, who are dressed in gowns or prom dresses and are holding a basketful of flowers to usher the bride to the altar. The cute munchkins are often dressed like a mini version of the bride and are found posing throughout the event.  

Since your guests will be paying a lot of attention to the flower girls and they will be the ones to walk you down the aisle, how they are dressed is incredibly important. Many brides are not used to shopping or picking up clothes for kids that young and therefore, they end up being clueless as to what kind of flower girl dresses should be chosen for a flower girl. Here are a few key points that you should remember when picking up a flower girl dress. 

Start Early

The first thing that is important for you to understand is the need to start shopping early. This is because your flower girl is a dependant and you cannot expect her parents to make all the arrangement at a very short notice. Therefore, it is important for you to allow them enough time make necessary preparation.

The Budget

Before you head on to start hunting for a dress, it is important for you to define a budget. This is extremely important because you will not be paying for the dress. The dress of your flower girl will be paid for by her parents and while they might feel honored to have their daughter picked up for an important occasion of your life, be considerate that everyone may have certain budget limitations. Even if affordability is not an issue, many parents do not spend too much on these dresses because little kids outgrow their clothes pretty quickly which leads to a lot of wastage. Therefore, even if you feel too tempted to buy a gorgeous long frock from Burberry Kids, avoid doing that and look out for places such as JJ’s House, which offer relatively much more reasonably priced options.


 Dressing up kids is nothing like dressing up adults. Kids can be very sensitive to weather conditions and it is important that they do not feel too hot or too cold in whatever there are wearing. That is why it is extremely important for you to factor in the weather conditions when choosing a flower girl dress. Avoid fabric that might result in excessive sweating if the weather at your wedding destination is going to be hot and humid. 

Likewise if you are getting married in a colder place, make sure the dress provides appropriate cover to keep them warm. Generally, in hot conditions, breathable cotton silks and pure silks work best while pure velvets work best in winters. If you are planning to have a beach wedding, factor in the sand and water conditions. Kids cannot manage clothes as neatly in sand, and in that case it would be a better idea to stick to dresses that are shorter in length.

Fabric and Embellishments

Even if the weather conditions are comfortable and moderate, baby skin is often sensitive to fabric. Most kids are not comfortable with heavily embellished clothes. Do not choose anything that might leave your flower girl cranky at the time of the main event. You would want your flower girl to be posing happily and in action instead of throwing a tantrum in front of the guests. Avoid synthetic fabrics and stick to pure ones such as Silk, cotton silk, or Chiffon. 


Generally, any kind of style will do well for a flower girl dress, but it is always better to factor in the ability of a child to carry the dress. If your flower girl is too small, avoid going for very long dresses and stay away from dresses with long tails, no matter how gorgeous they look. If your wedding will be taking place in hot weather, you can go for dresses that might show some skin such  as sleeveless or backless dresses. 


Some brides prefer their flower girl to look like an exact mini version of them. In that case, the dress of your flower girl will have to match your bridal gown. However, if you want your flower girls to follow a different color palette so that you are able to stand out, look out for other pastel hues such as shades of pink, blue and green. If you are too confused and are not able to make up your mind, it is always a good idea to ask your flower girl about her preferences. Although it is not necessary for your flower girl’s dress to be an exact white color, whatever color you choose should be able to blend in well together with your overall wedding theme.

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