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Divorce Papers Online | How to get?

Divorce is a popular phenomenon, but couples passing through it can face many difficulties. That is why there are many services and companies that help spouses cope with their termination. Most couples are looking for quick and easy ways to dissolve a marriage and now to do this it is not needed to spend a lot of money on a lawyer, it is just necessary to follow certain rules and all the necessary divorce papers and instructions can be found online. Spouses may not even fill out the forms themselves, it’s possible to ask for help from the online forms preparation companies that will provide all completed papers.

Where to find divorce forms for free?

It is known that the legislation varies from state to state, the forms may also differ depending on the state or county. But they all for free are available on the each state Judicial Branch website, so the most affordable way to get them is to simply download from the site. In addition, each state provides basic information on how to get a divorce yourself. It is also worth knowing that not all forms provided on the website are necessary for spouses to fill out. Forms should be collected and completed in accordance with the peculiarities of a divorce, for example, if a couple does not have common minor children, then they do not need to fill out appropriate papers.


Most forms can be found in PDF format or in any other printable document, so after downloading, you can easily fill them out on your computer. They can also be printed and filled out by handwritten letters. All documents for divorce must be prepared clearly and must not contain errors. Any inaccuracies in the documents can lead to the fact that the court will not grant a divorce. Keep in mind that if you file any forms that are not relevant to the circumstances of your dissolution or, on the contrary, you do not file all of the necessary papers, this will too much delay the process of considering your case. Therefore, before starting to fill out papers you need to carefully study all the requirements of the court.


If you decide to fill out forms yourself, then first make sure that they suit your divorce circumstances. The first form that is needed is the Petition for Dissolution or it also known as a Petition for Divorce. This is a document that tells the court that you are asking for a divorce. Another necessary document is a Financial Statement that describes the economic situation of each spouse for the last 3-5 years. Basically, these papers are needed for contested divorces, but according to them a court can make a decision about spousal support or alimony, if there are common minor children. Also, the spouses will need to provide a Parenting Plan (again, if they have common children) which should describe how parents will raise their child. And last but not least, you will need to provide a Settlement Agreement, in which the spouses indicate ways of resolving all their disputes. Depending on the county or state, you may need additional papers, make sure that everything you need can be found on court’s website.

Is it possible to use an online divorce company?

An even easier way to get documents is to order divorce papers online. This can be done using the services of various online companies that provide customers with ready-made papers. It works as follows: the spouse chooses the company he or she likes. Then he answers the basic questions about a divorce, such as the names and contacts of the parties, the date of marriage, the date of separation, etc. After that, the system offers to pay for services, depending on the company, the price changes, but this is about $150-350. When the payment is done, the system opens to the client his profile, where he will need to answer all questions regarding the marriage and divorce. And next questions are based on the previous answers. For example, if the client answered that family doesn’t have common children, the system will not offer him or her to answer questions about division of custody, parental plan, etc. Depending on the state, the number of questions will also be different. The whole procedure of answering questions takes a couple of hours.


After the client finishes with questions, he sends answers for consideration. Based on these information system will prepare all the necessary papers for a divorce, it usually takes 2 business days. After the end of this period all necessary, and most importantly, completed forms for a divorce will appear in the user profile. All that remains to do is to print them, make copies and file with the court.


If you prepare documents through online companies, it minimizes the risk of making a mistake. In addition, you will not need to look for those forms that are needed, the system will do everything itself. However it is worthwhile to choose only reliable services, which also have a staff of lawyers, who review all ready-made forms before sending them to the client. Pay attention to reviews or what users say about the company on third-party resources.

Who is eligible to get divorce papers online?

By and large, anyone can get documents online. But this applies to those couples who claim for uncontested divorce. If the spouses have disagreements that they are going to decide in the courtroom, then they cannot deal without the help of a lawyer.


For uncontested divorce certain conditions must be observed that lies in the fact that spouses do not have disputes regarding their dissolution. This means that such issues as grounds for divorce, division of property, spousal support and separation of custody of common minor children (if any) have already been resolved and a compromise has been found. As a result the Settlement Agreement was signed.


It’s not difficult to get a divorce now, especially considering that all

papers and information can be found even without leaving home. If you do a little research on divorce law, you can make sure that the services of a lawyer are not always necessary. Many couples have already gone through online divorce and more than once. Someone filled out the documents on their own, someone through an online company. And this certainly demonstrates the effectiveness of the online method.


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