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A Holistic Approach to Cellulite

Cellulite, Gynoid lipodystrophy, is the common enemy among 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men. While most men don’t have issues with it, the cosmetic industry is making women more aware of the unsightly and common lumps that appear the skin. As a result, cellulite is the most researched nondisease. Unfortunately, cellulite is probably going to be with you for most of your life, and all you’re left to do is to find the best remedy for you. 

You might have been asked to train more and to adopt a positive lifestyle, but if you are here, then neither of these solutions have worked. But, don’t worry, we have something that is showing positive results, cupping. Cupping is an ancient holistic medical practice. It is one of the natural approaches to cellulite. But before we look at cupping for cellulite details and how it works, let’s revisit cellulite – what is it and why does it appear?

What Causes Cellulite?

To understand what cellulite is, we have to understand what it is not. Because, according to an article published in, cellulite has very little to do with fat trying to pop out of the skin. 

The visible lumps or the ones you see when you pinch your skin or sit down represent fibrous tethers running down your fat cells, pulling on fascia under the skin to create that dimpled appearance. So, no, cellulite is not an accumulation of fat but is the structure of the fat under the skin.

Confused? Don’t be, let us put it all into perspective.

Your skin’s outer layer is the epidermis and immediately beneath the epidermis you have dermis or the corium. The dermis houses your blood vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles, nerves, and connective tissue. After the dermis, you have two layers of subcutaneous fat. One of the layers is the areolar layer which has the fat lobules/ chambers arranged vertically (in females). This is the layer associated with cellulite. 

The appearance of cellulite results from small fat protrusions, papillae adiposae, in the dermis. This protrusion or herniation of fat into the dermis is what causes the bumps we all know as cellulite.

Why is Cellulite More Prominent in Females Than Males?

Well, you can blame it all on DNA. Only 10 percent of men have cellulite, but cellulite is common in 90 percent of women. The reason for this is that the female hormones differ from male hormones, and also the structure of connective tissue is different in males and females.

The high estrogen levels in females mean a different response by the fat cells and there is more fat accumulation with an increase in estrogen. Also, the female connective tissue is not as interwoven as males’ connective tissue. The connective tissue in men is tightly woven making it hard for fat to herniate, but in females, there is enough space for the fat to bulge through. 

So, no matter what we do, women are more likely than men to have cellulite.

What Works?

Strength training has been, for the longest time, recommended as a good remedy for cellulite because it tightens collagen and elastin on the skin and connective tissue while burning the excess fats; and change in the diet reduces fat accumulation.

But, as we mentioned above, we have a better weapon- cupping.

How does cupping eliminate cellulite?

For the longest time, this ancient Chinese treatment has been used to treat and manage diseases, and it is slowly making its way into the cosmetic industry. 

  • The reason for its use and effectiveness is that it causes the stimulation of the lymphatic system and enhances microcirculation. During cupping, a vacuum is created causing the skin to rise and the expansion of your blood vessels. The practice is believed to enhance/ restore the balance between two extremes. It also repairs cells and encourages the synthesis of new blood vessels and connective tissue. 
  • In cupping for cellulite, dry cupping therapy is used since it results in the drainage of interstitial fluids and other elements into the lymphatic and blood capillaries. A high percentage of the drained fluid comes from the lipids that form cellulite.
  • But that is not all, the suction created from cupping causes reverse pressure which breaks up cellulite. There is also the stimulated blood circulation which results in the release of the fats and associated toxins. And since cupping stimulates the lymphatic system, it means that the fats and toxins are excreted from the body quickly.
  • Cupping also eases fascia that connects the skin and the muscle, reducing buildup and reducing the appearance of cellulite in the process.
  • Finally, cupping will reduce the buildup of fluids on your skin.

Note that you need more than one cupping session and every session is customized to give maximum effects. 

The overall results of cupping include the appearance of clear, cellulite-free skin, and because of the detoxification process, your skin is tighter, brighter and looks younger. 

Before you go, beware that cupping might cause lightheadedness, you might have irritation on the skin around the cup’s rim, you could get an infection, develop a hematoma or get scarred.

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