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Social Networks Steal Your Time and Energy

Is social media good or bad? This is a question that is always in the mind when it comes to a discussion about interactive multimedia. Networking is one of the effective ways to keep tabs on various events happening globally. With a click, you can actually be anywhere. However, this comes with its own downside as prolonged usage is harmful…after all too much of anything is poisonous!

Social networking can cause more harm than good. Discussed below are the reasons why social media is a waste of time:

1. Laborious Affair

  Addiction to social media is common in teens who make the internet their other parent. They post about everything such that a look into their timelines will tell you loads about them. Students often face hardships in doing their studies and research due to being absorbed in social networks. Get someone to go through your work through a read review of edubirdie to ensure correctness. Essay writing for students is made easy with trustworthy sites offering essay help needed to adequately tackle the assignments.

2. False Identity Function

  Research shows that in every ten Facebook users, seven are not using their real identities. The case is no different when it comes to Twitter and other main networks like Instagram and Snapchat. Teens especially use names of celebrities to mimic their own on these sites. People lie about age, professions, and lifestyle. Sensitive people can find this hurting when they realize that their friend is a fake. Internet crimes are also very common.

3. Undesirable Public Attention

  Every post is prone to public scrutiny. Any information uploaded here will alternate between the users in their thousands.  Your post can be shared and even altered which gives you a displeasing image more so if you value your privacy. If your post happens to be viral, you are in for global torching.

4. Affecting Studies or Work

  Spending more hours staring at the screen of your phone or laptop than you are working or studying is common in millennials. You can easily fall into social networking addiction and even not realize it. Public networks shouldn’t be what you spend most hours in unless it is you are a social media manager. The good news is that as a student you can evade turning in your assignments late by seeking writing help from professional essay writing service as you rehabilitate social media overuse.

5. Hard to Maintain Privacy

  Social networks require personal details to sign up for use. These details can be easily accessed through your profile for example in Facebook. Email and physical addresses and place of work are displayed for the public viewing. Hackers can access this information with ease and use your account to communicate away from your intent. Even if companies have installed firewalls to counter these attacks remain eminent with cases of impersonation especially on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Promoting Immorality

  Some of the friends you have on your list will approach you with ill motives. They talk of trying new things and releasing the inner you which actually sounds fun and as a matter of fact attracts a lot of attention. Infidelity will be born out of it leading to failed marriages and single or early parenthood.

7. Too big to manage

  Sometimes our friend list is filled with “unimportant” people who you are connected through a mutual friend. It becomes quite hectic to attend to each one of their posts, and in the long run, you end up not knowing them.

  Still, don’t know why social media is bad for you? Well, here’s the icing. You don’t need to actually stop using public networks. Regulation of use is what you can instil. You can stop doing everything in real time. Invest in automation software where you set it to upload posts that you had fed into it. This saves you the need to frequently check your feed. Don’t maintain a constant presence on social networks. It prevents you from building a habit that will lead to addiction. Categorize your list of activities online and social media circles to avoid time wastage on unnecessary posts which add no value to you…ultimately you will achieve the good use of social networking.


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