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What Is The Importance Of Sleep For An Impressive Personality?

If you are not getting enough sleep then you should get alerted. Less sleep is associated with risk factors such as obesity and high blood pressure. When talking about starting phase, not getting enough sleep often results in various sleep deprivation symptoms such as depression and thinking inability. Your sleeping habits and schedules affect your personality. There is even a detailed scientific explanation for this. There is a part in the human brain, often known as amygdala in scientific terms. This part of the brain is responsible for human emotions. When we lack sleep, even for one night, amygdala, gets impaired. This results in the inability of decision making and an inability of logical thinking. The outcome is accepting all trivial emotions and giving them a priority instead of the actual and more important situations and things, which ultimately reflects your personality. Now the first thing to understand here is the personality definition and the various types of personality. Personality is normally defined as a sum total of an individual’s distinctive characteristics. In psychological terms, there are five types of human personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Different personality trait can have different importance for sleep.

Neuroticism and importance of sleep:

A night of proper sleep is though vital for each type of person, but it becomes crucial for a neurotic or a conscientious person. A neurotic person is known for his/her depressed and anxious character. They often get worried over little things. These little stress when accumulated over years, leads to a short life of a person with this personality. Perhaps, the reason can be the sleep deprivation symptoms or insomnia itself. Being the most vulnerable to insomnia, the neurotic personality is the one who needs to try to get a proper and comfortable sleep every night.

Conscientiousness and importance of sleep:

After the neurotic one, the conscientious people are the next in queue. Conscientious people are the most disciplined, dutiful and organized. But they often face lack of sleep issues. They are still less vulnerable to insomnia than the neurotic ones, because of their unique characteristic of living a planned and disciplined life. Being the most achievement focussed personality, a conscientious person is in the high risk to get depressed or stressed in case of failure which can be a cause for insomnia.

Openness and importance of sleep:

Open minded people often love adventure and are always curious about new things. They often get bored if they have nothing new to explore which can end up at anxiety and depression.

Agreeableness and importance of sleep:

Just like open-minded people, an agreeable person is also at the same risk when it comes to the vulnerability of the sleep deprivation symptoms or insomnia. 

Extraversion and importance of sleep:

In this situation, an extravert or an introvert personality is on the safest side. An extraverted person likes social gatherings and communications while introvert loves peace and silence. These both kinds of personality are known for their charming attitude though being different in every way. Extravert people love to party a lot and often gets tired enough to get a night of proper sleep. Introverts though love peace and solitude, but not in a depressing way. So they are also less vulnerable to any sleep deprivation illness.

From the above discussion, it is clear that different personality traits can have a different level of sleep problems. But sleep is important for all. Whatever personality trait you have, never forget to take a cosy and comfortable sleep. Always remember that a weak and tired mind is of no use for anyone, not even for yourself. There is an importance of getting a sound sleep on your overall personality. Otherwise, no one would have recommended to sleep every night. Sleeping would have been considered time-wasting activity. But it is now a proven fact that a sleep-deprived mind is less active and more vulnerable towards diseases. Even a sleep-deprived person has a short life span as compared to an elated and an active person. There are numerous ways to tackle your sleep issues. A person of any personality trait can get a comfortable and proper sleep with proper consultation and some basic tricks. In this machinery life, sitting in front of computers for all day long and many a time all night long even is a common habit. The worst effect is created by too much caffeine intake to ensure an active mind and then fast foods to avoid any extra waste of time. The lack of exercise and meditation is also an add on. But the point is that no one can survive like this for long. There are plenty of such tricks and hacks to get a pleasant sleep. The only aim should be to get a peaceful and stress-free mind before sleep, rest all is assured.

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