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Top Social Media Analytics Tools

How are your tweets performing? Which is the best time to upload your Instagram posts for wide visibility and engagement? Is your ardent Facebook marketing translating to better traffic and leads? If you aren’t making good use of social media analytics tools, you possibly can’t answer any of the questions above. Well, for any serious social media marketer, getting to know how your posts perform is overly beneficial.
With social media marketing going full-blown, several tools that can analyze your efforts are available on the market. Finding the most appropriate therefore turns daunting. Be it for marketing campaign data analysis, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat performance, below are some of the best tools that can come in handy all around.

Viralwoot is a Pinterest-specific scheduler and analytic tool. Like other tools, you can easily create content, automatically schedule it and post without the need of logging into your social media accounts. The tool also eases engagement and developing relationships with influencers.

Of much importance is the analytic section that clearly analyzes the success of your Pinterest activity. It tracks all Pinterest group boards underlying data, and you can easily monitor your Pinterest followers, pins and repins, and likes. You can also use it to discover the best times and days to pin.
Other insightful aspects of Viralwoot include tracking your Pinterest board SEO level, suggesting trending keywords on Pinterest that you can leverage and analyzes pinned content on your website.
Keyhole is among the most popular social media analytics tool that excels in several aspects. To be specific, if you want to up your hashtag game, it should be your tool of choice. Besides enabling users to check on hashtags, it supports account, keyword and full URL tracking. You can also use it to track mentions and other essential analytics.
Of more importance, you can request the app to formulate historical data including information concerning the number of posts, engagement, influencers, and users from Twitter and Instagram.

Sprout Social
Social media analytics tools aid social media marketers in implementing and achieving their pre-formulated social media goals and strategies. Sprout social analytic tool isn’t any different. With it, you can evaluate performance from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram on a single dashboard. Monitoring your social profile performance in one dashboard makes it easy to track and compare your social media efforts.

Iconosquare is an Instagram-specific social media analytic tool with various outstanding features. Well, perhaps its feature highlight is the ability to analyze photos and video performance. It can also generate insights into your Instagram stories, providing true evidence on how your social media marketing efforts are faring on.

If you want to check on several options before settling on one, some Iconosquare alternatives to consider include;
Later – like Iconosquare, Later focuses specifically on Instagram insights. Besides monitoring the performance of your feed, it provides followers and engagement insights.
Instagram insights – this free Instagram analytic tool can be a good tool to start with as you establish your Instagram marketing strategy. It provides demographics on your top posts, best posting times, audience categories and much more.

Snapchat is probably on the low levels when it comes to getting data on performance. Well, the obvious reason being that it isn’t as robust as other platforms such as Twitter. Instagram and Facebook. Nonetheless, Snaplytics is an amazing took that gives users metric on their snaps, audience reach and more. It can also give stats on Instagram stories.
If you need options, consider the following alternatives to Snaplytics.

Delmondo – this tool similarly provides analysis and performance data on snaps, compares reports and measures your Snapchat content against other channels.

Storyheap – This relatively new social media analytics tool provides detailed Instagram stories and Snapchat analytics. You can also upload stories from the tool.

If your social marketing strategy involves running contests, ShortStack should be your tool of choice. For any contest, you stop and close the chapter after announcing the winner. Take some time to analyze the metrics of the contest, which should form a base for your next contest. With results from the contest analysis, you can easily see your product’s engagement metrics and identify the contest that will work best in the future.
Gleam and Woobox are the best ShortStack analytics tool alternatives. Gleam allows you to conduct lead generation, run campaigns and ultimately analyze your marketing efforts. On the other hand, Woobox allows social media users to run various social media contests, run giveaways and coupons in a breeze.

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly becoming a commonly used social media tactic. This indirectly heightens the need to analyze influencer efforts. TapInfluence comes in handy as a complete influencer-marketing platform that evaluates potential influencers and tracks their campaign performance.

Brands that work with influencers will find this tool handy, especially if they are searching for a potential influencer for their marketing campaign. This tool works exceptionally across Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
With TapInfluence being an enterprise option, you might want to consider some alternatives with similar working ability. Well, if so, check out Traackr and Influencity tools. Traackr allows you to monitor influencer-marketing platform enabling you to manage every strategy from influencers you work with to specific social media campaigns you are working on.
Influencity also allows social media marketers to measure influencer marketing efforts. It focuses on the success of influencer marketing by setting main KPIS including reach interactions, engagement, and other vital metrics.

Final Thoughts
The tools outlined above are just a fraction of the available social media analytics tools you can leverage when running a social media campaign. Some tools are specific, like these top analytics addons for YouTube, and work best in specific social media platforms while others are general and can be used across all platforms.
Your choice of tool should be hugely based on your goals and the metrics you need analyzed. You should also consider the pricing of each tool when making a choice. All tools provide a free trial version, which should be renewed after a certain period with some subscription. There are also levels of users based on your subscription amount. For best results, subscribe to premium levels.

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