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A shaving guide for guys suffering from acne

Acne is a common skin condition that affects about 10 percent of the world’s men population. In the initial stages it’s hard to notice the skin conditions since the pimples are small and barely noticeable. With time the pimples become bigger and the itching increases to point that you have to look for treatment. Some of the factors that play a role in the development of acne include sebum and keratin production, blocked poles, acne-causing bacteria, and inflammation.

Acnes are very itchy and uncomfortable and they may tempt you to squeeze a pimple in order to break it. The breaking of a pimple may lead to long term redness and even a permanent depression on your skin. It may also cause short term infections and cause a pimple to become bigger.

People with acne find it a challenge especially when they want to shave as some do not know the do’s and don’ts for a proper shave. Here are some of the guideline that may help you to have a proper shave and reduce acne on your beard.

Go in hot

Before going for that proper shave, prepare your face with a hot shower and if that not possible, find a gentle cleanser and combine it with a towel which is soaked in warm water. The reason behind hot shower or the hot towel is to remove all the dirt particles on your face and make soften the skin making it easy for a shave. Shaving in a moisturized skin prevents the blade from coming into contact with the skin and therefore avoid breaking of the acne.

Oil up

For a proper shave, oiling the air is a good idea especially when you have acne condition. The oils soften the follicles of the facial hair and make it ready and smooth for easy removal. Some of the people fear that the oil may affect their health complexion but all oils are not the same. Therefore when getting a proper shave to look for a non-comedogenic oil to oil your hair with.

Shave with one blade

The blades in a razor the more problems you are most likely to encounter when shaving. A razor with two or more blades is very rigid to shave and cover a wide area when shaving. Such blades may lead to breaking the acne without your knowledge or the knowledge of the barber.

Shave your skin gently with a very light stroking motion.

After washing and oiling the face it is now the right time to have a proper shave. You should put a considerate time to shave especially if you have acne. A lot of concentration will be required to avoid cutting or breaking acne.


Avoid shaving the acne or cutting the acne.

Some people think shaving the acne or cutting it off will end all his troubles. What they should know is that when you cut the acnes the bacteria spreads and it worsens the pimples. A pimple becomes larger and at other time it may cause a permanent scar on the skin. It is therefore advisable to shave as you navigate across acnes gently and cautiously to avoid any cutting or breaking of the pimples. it may take time but the end result will be a beautiful proper shave.

Shave with the grain not against it

Many of the people who love a clean and proper shave do not advocate for this technique. This is because the end result is not that of a clean shave but for people who do not wish to have acne at time of their lives this is the tried and true method of shaving that will no cause acne at all. This is because there is not time that the skin is aggravated by the blade. The secret of using this technique while shaving is by shaving slowly, carefully and with the help of some of the shaving products to shave.

Clean the face after having a proper shave and apply shaving creams.

Acne can be preventable if all the right measures are taken by a person. Here are some of the prevention measures that one can take in order to prevent acne infection.

Keep your face clean.

It is important to wash your face at least two times a day in order to remove any impunity on the skin.

Moisturize your skin

Always use moisturizers prevent the skin from drying off. Look for a moisturizer that have a noncomedogenic (means it should not cause acne) label on the label.

Use makeup sparingly

If you are an actor or you are a fan of makeup, you should always clean your face after any occasion so that you can remove any impunity on your skin.

Watch what you put on your hair.

Conduct thorough research on the oils, fragrances, pomades, and gel you put on your hair. Some of them have a negative impact on the skin.

Feed your skin

Ensure you consume foods that improve your skin and avoid fats and other products with a negative impact on your skin

Exercise daily

Exercises make the body through the skin to remove the impunity and keeps it healthy.


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