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Why the first trimester matters the most

“Congratulations you are pregnant” this is a most contradicting statement, to many, it is a good statement and to others not that good. Most women spend almost half of the first trimester unaware that they are really pregnant. It may take a month before a lady notices that she is pregnant. After getting the test and discovering they are pregnant, the news are a surprise to some and good news to others. Some take a long period coming into terms that they are really pregnant and others it is a dream come true.

The first trimester is the first three months after giving birth. According to research conducted by Dutch researchers, the first three months after pregnancy is a very crucial time for baby’s heart health later in life. It is at this first trimester that the baby is most susceptible to damage from drugs such as alcohol, certain medication, and various illnesses. If the mother keeps on indulging in alcohol, smoking and taking other prohibited drugs at this stage the baby may end up having some physical abnormalities. At the end of the first trimester the baby is only four inches long and it weighs less than one grain, but most of its functions have already started forming major organs and the nervous systems, there is a heartbeat after three months, buds for future teeth are already formed and the arms, fingers, toes, legs, and hair have been formed.

The first trimester is the period that most women experience intense changes in their body and their emotions. It may be a challenge to know if a lady is pregnant in the first trimester as there are minimal physical changes  but certainly, they feel the difference in their bodies

Common conditions experienced during the first trimester.

.Morning sickness and nausea

Morning sickness is among the first condition that pregnant women experience. This is as a result of the hormonal change in the body. Morning sickness does not necessarily happen in the morning but a pregnant find some of the foods and drinks she previous enjoyed no longer good for her and many times she comes across them she may vomit. Some scientist claim morning sickness is a natural way of protecting a pregnant woman against foods that might have dangerous microorganism or foods with harmful chemical composition. Increase in the hormonal beta-HCG is the main cause of nausea on a pregnant lady. Hormonal beta-HCG prevents the pregnant lady from getting a miscarriage

Mood Swings

Discovering that you are pregnant may affect the pregnant lady in either a positive or a negative way. The emotional ups and downs experienced in the first trimester can affect the mood for a pregnant lady. Women who were really waiting to become pregnant may be of a joyous mood most of the time but at time the mood might change. Anxiety, stress fatigue, insomnia and mood swings are common conditions a pregnant lady is likely to experience.


Food aversion and cravings

Once you get pregnant the most common quote used during meal time is that you are eating for the first trimester women gain only a few kilograms and it is very hard to notice that one is pregnant. Some brush off this trimester over the other two trimesters as they believe there are minimal changes on the baby and the mother but in real sense, crucial changes are happening to the mother and the baby.  The pregnant lady should consume nutritious food, but at this stage, the mother-to-be do not need a lot of calories, but a lot of iron and folic acid are needed. Iron is important for preventing anemia as blood supply increase to support the baby

Prenatal supplements

Vitamins are very significant in the development of the baby, but overdosing of the vitamin supplement may have grave problems to the infant. It is advisable to consult your doctor or physician on the best vitamins supplement to take and the dosage. Not all prenatal multivitamins are effective as some are made from synthetic components rather than the whole food ingredients. All the supplements highlight the number of nutrients in the supplements and therefore you should do thorough research and concentrate more on the quality and not the quantity. If it is a challenge finding the right supplement, consult a doctor for more information.

Exercise guidelines

There is a notion that a pregnant mother who does exercise regularly is more likely to give birth to a very active kid, it may be just a notion but exercise is very important to a pregnant woman especially in the first trimester. Regular exercise by the mother to improve the pregnant mother condition and reduces the risk associated with pregnancy. Exercise can reduce some of the side effects of early pregnancies such as fatigue and morning sickness.

Exercise is a tool for reducing stress and improves mental condition. Pregnancy is a stressful event, and each and every day you are faced with mood swings, fatigue, constipation, morning sickness, and many more conditions. Exercising can really help the pregnant lady to relax and forget all those challenges.

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