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10 Best Valentine’s Day gifts

Whether you are in your first month of the relationship, the first year, 10th year or you are celebrating your 50th anniversary, Valentine is a very special day for the lovers. A lot is expected during the day, especially from the man. Sometimes it becomes a challenge coming up with ideas on how to make this special day unforgettable. Doing the same thing year after year becomes monotonous and with time it becomes boring. But worry no more; we have come up with some ideas that might ignite your love with your lover and also make these 2019 valentines memorable all your life.

Here are some of the gifts for valentine

Romantic gateway.

A ride away from home to a romantic place is a gift many ladies wish for. Valentine is that time of the year where two lovers celebrate their love and if you have the opportunity to visit a romantic place or hotel, it would make the day more memorable. Before choosing a hotel you would like to have that romantic gateway you should check the services they offer and how well they offer them to avoid disappointments. You should also the reviews from the previous customers and check if they have any negative feedback on the food, beddings especially the bed and mattress and the services from the staff. For a more memorable valentine’s day you would request the hotel to personalize the room.

Perfumes with a signature scent

Every lady has that signature scent you easily notice when you meet her, therefore coming up with a personalized perfume that describes her will make that valentine memorable. There are a number of companies that perform such a task and therefore you can do some research and look for the best company to create it.

Outfit enhancing watch

A watch is a concrete addition to any outfit, but it’s also a stylish and decorative tool used to make somebody look more stunning. Giving your other half a watch during valentines can also be a symbol of the constant and timeless nature of your relationship. Shop for that elegant watch and make your other half look more beautiful.

A fresh set of bedding

A great gift for valentine for both of you is a new set of beddings that includes; new mattress, blanket, sheets, and pillows. You can check mattress and other sleep products reviews online, this can be used as a symbol of tender loving while helping both of you to have that great sleep at night. A lot of activities are involved in valentines and therefore having that good mattress is very important.


Decadent dessert

A box of chocolate is a symbol of Valentine that each and every lady wants on this special day.  Not many men have the knowledge of different types of chocolates and therefore it would be great to research on some of the types of chocolate. After choosing the right type of chocolate you can personalize the chocolate to make it look more romantic.


Framed memories

Some pictures are not just pictures but memories that deserve to be cherished for a very long time. Framing pictures of your first date, first kiss, first vacation or even the whole family makes the memories to stick forever.

Romantic heart jewelry

The heart is a symbol of love, making heart jewelry for your lover shows that you really love her. You can go an extra mile in personalizing the jewelry with the name of your lover or the date of your anniversary. The jewelry can be worn all year round and not only during valentine.


Wine and chocolate tasting

The usual norm for valentines is a bunch of roses and a date afterward and the day is over, but this valentine I would like to challenge you to visit a wine and chocolate tasting event. The rates for such event are very pocket-friendly and you may get a chance to learn on the different types of wines and how to differentiate them.

Essential oils and diffuser.

Lift her mood with alluring aromas from essential oils and diffuser. A diffuser is a thoughtful gift for any level of romance from crush to years married. If you are not sure what essential oil to choose, you cannot go wrong with something light and fresh or get a set if several oils so she has plenty to choose from.


Good-scented cologne can leave a lasting impression on everyone a man encounters, but choosing the right cologne is difficult, and that’s why it’s best to know what brands and scents your Valentine likes. Start by narrowing down the type of scent you want to purchase, such as floral, fresh,  woody, or oriental. Then, decide on strength. A perfume lasts up to half a day, while standard cologne must be reapplied every two hours. If you know of a scent that embodies your partner, then cologne is a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine is just a few days away and if you if you had no idea on what to give your lover then your problem are solved therefore just relax and wait for that day and make the day memorable.


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