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6 New Driving Laws Coming to the UK in 2019

2019 is going to bring a number of new rules in the UK, and we are going to see a huge change in driving laws as well. With laws and regulations on overtaking cyclists, learner drivers and opening car doors, all these rules must be followed by 48 million  motorists, including both new and old drivers registered with DVLA in Britain. Here we have gathered 6 important rules for you to know, so you don’t get caught as it may cause a heavy impact on your wallet or even prosecution. Take a look at these laws and be prepared for the change in 2019.

#1 Keeping Distance With Cyclists

In 2017, more than 100 cyclists in the UK died due to road traffic collisions. Therefore, The Highway Code is set to alter the rule for passing cyclists. Following the new rule, the drivers must maintain at least 1.5m distance between their car and cyclists. Drivers failing to leave sufficient space will be fined £100 and 3 points on the licence.

#2 The ‘Dutch Reach’ Rule

The UK’s new Highway Code is set to include the ‘Dutch Reach’, a practice that forces the drivers to use the hand farthest from the car door to open it. This impels drivers to turn their body to reach the handle, and hence allowing them to look out for cyclists before opening the door.

#3 New MOT Rules for Safety

The MOT rules that occurred in 2018 are set to be altered in 2019. Under the new rule, if a vehicle is discovered to have outstanding recalls against it, it would directly fail the annual roadworthiness test. If you are looking to get the MOT done of your car at reasonable costs, check for relevant vouchers and deals.

#4 Red X Signs on Smart Motorways

The UK has changed smart motorway rules and it could penalise £100 to motorists if they drive in the lanes with a red X sign. The Red X signs will appear automatically above the motorway if there has been any accident on the lane or there is no need of the lane to be open for that particular time.

#5 Restrictions On Recently Graduated Drivers

New qualified drivers who have the least experience on the roads are the most risky. They must follow certain rules and restrictions, such as limits on the number of passengers they can drive with, speed, engine sizes, specific time they could drive the vehicle and restrictions on the amount of alcohol consumption, for at least 2 years. Failing to do so can put them in strong penalties.

#6 Driving Allowance on Motorways for Learners

For years, it was a law that the drivers who have fully passed their driving test were only allowed to drive on the motorways. But, now learner drivers are allowed to use these motorways as a part of their lessons only if they have a certified instructor in the next seat with dual controls in the car.


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