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How To Use Email Outreach To Grow A Company’s Brand and Blog

The world of digital marketing is growing without indication that it will slow down anytime soon. Different types of content are starting to become more popular like that of podcasts as consumers like their content in various forms. Companies of all sizes do not have podcasts but nearly every business with a website (as you should have) has a blog of some kind. This does not mean that the company utilizes their blog in the correct ways as too many businesses use the blog as an advertisement. This is an incredibly quick way for readers to click off and never visit again. Quality content is the most important factors in growing a blog but email outreach is also incredibly valuable. The marketing department of nearly every company wants to expand the reach that their blog and social media accounts have. The right tactics in email outreach can do a variety of things depending on who is being contacted. The following are different areas that email outreach can help grow a company’s brand as well as their blog.

Contribute To Relevant Publications To Increase Reach of Content

Reaching out to industry publications whether they are blogs or relevant websites can be extremely important. Not only does this help expand the reach that a piece of content the company has created has but it also can help search engine rankings of the company’s website. Allowing those in the target demographic of a business to see the knowledge a certain company possesses can be valuable. This will be content that reflects directly back on the company so putting maximum effort into the content is important. Screenshots as well as data supporting what is being said helps an article gain traction as far as shares on social media go.

Partner With Influencers

Bloggers that have made it big know how to make a blog and turn it into something incredibly popular. Influencer marketing is booming and some of these influencers can garner a large amount of traffic for the company blog as well as company in general. Hosting their articles or inviting them to do a podcast all starts with the right email outreach. This could start by complimenting them as these influencers are pitched numerous times per week. What needs to be done is to stand out from other brands approaching this person. Picking the right person for the company that is popular with the demographic of customers being approached is half of the battle. Doing test campaigns with influencers is important as well as they might have a multitude of fake followers. Following these people on social media  and viewing comment sections can clarify whether the person engages with their followers/creates a sense of community or simply posts for money without regard for their followers.

Invitations To Meetups or Podcasts

Meetups, events, and even podcasts can use email outreach to help garner attendance. The email content has to be appealing to make people want to tune in or attend the meetup. Frequently this can lead to large opportunities as monthly events can turn into staples in certain local industries. The blog traffic will also increase as people will want to learn more about these events as well as what has been covered at previous ones. This can also be a perfect way for a company to find top talent as many job seekers attend these events in hopes of meeting someone that can help them out with a job. Showcasing knowledge on podcast can also help with becoming a contractor for a larger company in the industry. Plenty of corporations contract out work to those smaller companies that they feel have a similar working process and excellent knowledge on the industry as a whole.

Using Email Marketing To Recap Weekly Content

The newsletter that is sent weekly does not always just have to include content from the blog or created by the company. A newsletter that incorporates content from around the industry can become increasingly popular. People love these types of recaps as they have links for everything they need to know about what happened in the last week or month. Recaps like this can also be done on the blog as they can attract relevant traffic from those in  the industry that can create leads for a sales team. The format of this blog post as well as newsletter should be informative rather than trying to sell. People want to think they made the decision to buy something rather than were sold something as it helps them feel empowered about their decision.

Utilize Email Tracking Software To Improve Pitches

The sales team as well as the marketing team at any company should be using email tracking software to help improve their pitches. Open rates can be a much different animal than that of response rates. Those that have great open rates probably have an above average subject line while those with high response rates have good email body content. Being able to mold the positive parts of a variety of pitches to maximize open and response rates can be a huge help. Pitching publishers will become much easier as well as sales targets as you can see which links in the email were clicked on. The marketing team can do this with their influencer pitches as well to reduce cost through automation of certain emails.

Email outreach is a huge part of business in the digital age so it is important to perfect this craft. Utilize analytics to do this as a hunch could lead to an email outreach campaign that yields no results.


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