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The Effectiveness of Sleeping Patterns in Regulating Your Health Condition

There are many people out there who might think that their physical and mental health is not affected by their sleeping routine. But to their amazement, not only the time of sleep but also the patterns of their sleep decides on certain health factors of the people.

You may argue that how does the sleeping position or pattern affect your mental or physical health anyway? Well, to provide evidence, there are several cases that are reported in the past which has eventually just one reason behind a person suffering from certain disorders, which is their sleeping position or pattern!

Right from anxiety issues to make the immune system weaker, the sleeping disorder has more harmful effects on our body and mind that we can ever imagine! No matter how good a luxury bedding you are using to sleep, it is your way of sleeping that decides on how effective was your sleep in keeping you, fitter. Let us divulge more details below

What causes insomnia and other sleep disruptions?

Some of the most common causes of insomnia are indeed anxiety or stress-related issues. Apart from it, being too much include towards the gadgets such as mobile and laptops, being lethargic all day, psychological disorders, etc. also affects your sleep way too much causing insomnia. There is a sleep disorder condition which is called rem cycle that causes sleep disruption coming into the way of straight sleeping hours in individuals.

But, this condition is also considered to be good and healthy for the person experiencing this as it indicates that the person is in sound health condition with normal brain and heart functioning. This condition mainly occurs in babies who have disruptive periods of sleep and thus, experience intervals between sleep timings.

Though it is more common with infants, REM sleep might also be seen in adults who might sleep deeply for just an hour or a lesser time and get up automatically after the rem sleep cycle gets over. During this period, a person may experience vigorous dreaming sessions which might also result in faster heartbeats and quicker breathing patterns.

Is a REM sleep cycle good sign for your health?

If we go by researches, the average adults need at least 1.5-1,8 hours of deep and intense sleep every night, (which is 20% of the total sleep time) whereas the infants may do fine with 50% of deep sleep and other 50% of rem sleep. Grander says, “If deep sleep is about the body, REM is about the brain.” So, by this, we can well understand how much importance REM sleep has on our lives. Though we, cannot literally force ourselves to follow the rem sleeping pattern, good when we naturally experience it!   

The bottom line

The lifestyle that today’s technologically advanced people are leading is indeed questionable and threatening to an extent where it may cause severe damage to a person overall health and impact the social life as well! We do not sleep timely, get up late, lay on the bed with our electronic gadgets and spend hours using them, suffer insomnia and what not! The regular disruption in our sleeping pattern causes severe damages to our health.

Also, the sleeping pattern and position speak volume about how healthy or unhealthy we are; mentally, physically and socially! That is why focusing on the sleeping schedule, the levels of sleep, how long you are sleeping regularly etc. is advised by the health experts so that you don’t have to suffer from any difficulties which arise due to the non-caring attitude towards your sleeping pattern!

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