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Top 5 Medical Malpractice Lawsuits of all Time

Medical malpractice cases have become widely common over the last couple of years. In most cases, the consequences of medical malpractice are so severe, resulting in permanent suffering and injuries.

Statistically speaking, roughly 50 percent out of all doctors are likely to be sued for medical malpractice before turning 50-years old. It’s worth adding that these lawsuits are among the lengthiest and most complex. The average duration for solving a medical malpractice lawsuit is of four years.

This is what Injury attorney Erik Abrahamson – says regarding medical malpractice attorneys – Medical malpractice laws and cases are factually complicated and legally complex. I would highly suggest that, in selecting a medical malpractice attorney, that you obtain information about the extent of the law firm and attorney’s experience with “med mal” cases. Simply hiring an injury attorney (without significant med mal experience) may not be the right choice.


  • $74.5 Million – Case of Negligence and Falsified Medical Records


This happened in California. In this situation, the doctors failed to deliver a baby. Expressly, the doctor in charge didn’t perform an episiotomy, nor did he use the forceps during the delivery process. Consequently, the infant suffered from cerebral palsy. In an attempt to cover up the case, the hospital wanted to falsify medical records.


  • $58 Million – Case of Infant Brain Damage


This is the second most profitable malpractice lawsuit, and it’s also a case of baby delivery. In truth, according to statistics, the greater majority of malpractice lawsuits are related to baby delivery. In this scenario, the birth was also difficult and complicated, and the doctor on call didn’t consider a C-section. Therefore, the newborn ended up suffering from severe brain damage. Presently, the child lives in Connecticut, being unable to eat and talk.


  • $38.5 Million – A Violation of Ethics


This case happened back in 2008, involving a man coping with unusual cramps in his shoulder and leg. The doctor recommended him manual joint manipulation, although the procedure wasn’t needed. During the procedure, the patient suffered a stroke, staying in a coma for no less than 4 years. In the end, the doctor recognized that the procedure wasn’t necessary for the given situation, and he attempted it only in order to maximize his earnings.


  • $31 – Oxygen Starvation


We’ll move our attention to another case involving labor. In 1998, during labor, a mother was given too much medication. Due to the drugs, the child’s oxygen supply was compromised, causing cerebral palsy. Only after 14 years of lawsuit was the case settled.


  • $25 Million – Case of Misdiagnosed Heart Condition


The fifth case on our list is of a man from Virginia, who was wrongfully diagnosed. He was provided with heart medications and after a while, the man suffered from a heart attack. From that point onward, he underwent a number of seven surgeries, needing a heart transplant to survive.

This concludes our list of the largest medical malpractice lawsuits of all time. Without a doubt, in each scenario, the assistance of a reliable attorney was critical, so that the victim would get the right compensation considering the specific circumstances of the situation.


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