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Biker Badass 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Biker Badass 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Biker jewelry is created for tough dudes who ride motorcycles, wear a lot of leather, and love tattoos. You can pull off an image of cool guy too if you know how to pick and rock biker accessories. This short guide will help you understand biker badass 925 sterling silver jewelry a little bit better.

How Does Biker Jewelry Look?

A typical biker is a burly man on a powerful motorcycle. Biker jewelry is exactly the same – burly, heavy, shiny, and commanding. No matter what piece of biker jewelry you look at, it will be massive, solid, and have an impressive design. Speaking of designs, there are several running themes you can meet in this jewelry – crosses, skulls, motorcycle engines, wheels, totem animals, Celtic or Indian motives, etc. Every symbol has its own meaning and significance. For instance, skulls adorn bikers’ outfits not only to intimidate civilians but also to protect riders from accidents and death.

Where did It Come From?

The biker subculture is relatively young. The first motorcycle clubs appeared in the late 1940s when veterans came home from the WWII. Many of them took trophies of defeated enemies, for example, the Iron Cross medals. Bikers began to hang these trophies on their clothes as defiance of the norms adopted in society. These items became the first biker jewelry. A few years later, motorcyclists who lived in the southern states spotted eye-catching silver rings that became popular in Mexico after the Mexican Revolution. They were impressed with their impressive weight, intricate design, and the ability to be used as brass knuckles. Today, motorcyclists don’t utilize them as a weapon but you can still see these badass rings on the enormous hands of devoted bikers.

What Is It Made From?

Biker jewelry is mostly made of silver, in particular, sterling silver. It consists of 92,5% pure silver and the rest is basic metals to make the alloy more durable. Indeed, 925 sterling silver biker jewelry is very sturdy, strong, and it won’t tarnish. Even though silver is a precious metal, it is very affordable. It is critical considering that proper biker accessories are burly and solid. Sometimes you will see items made of stainless steel but this is poor man’s biker jewelry. You won’t find many gold products either because they just don’t match chromed motorcycle parts.

Where to Buy It?

The best sterling silver biker jewelry is from manufacturers who know their stuff. For example, check these guys out – They offer a tremendous selection of biker rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, as well as other accessories including wallet chains, keychains, lighters, etc. All products are made of 925 sterling silver mined in Thailand. This is why they are so incredibly affordable. Every single item is crafted by hand, which means you won’t find two absolutely identical rings or pendants. Isn’t it nice to get a hand-made product featuring a dope design that costs like your weekly supply of coffee?

Biker badass 925 sterling silver jewelry is a bold choice for confident men who want to emphasize their masculinity and cool attitude. You don’t have to be a biker in life but you must carry the desire for freedom and independence in your heart to be worthy of wearing these items.

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