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Top Destinations For International Students

Most students across the world have big dreams and plans for their future. They realize that they have everything to look forward to; the whole world in front of them and millions of opportunities lay bare. Much of these students’ ambition guides them to pursue education or job opportunities in other countries. These countries offer quality education and a better standard of living. It is one’s right to do; seek a better life for themselves.

Here are a few destinations students love to travel for education:

  1. Australia– Offering one of the best standards of living across the world, this has become one of the prime destinations sought by students across the world. Calculating per number of students, Australia boasts of the greatest number of diversity in international students it takes each year. It also offers a great standard of living for students across the world allowing one of the best minimum wages for part-time students and a cheap education fees as well. The influxes of students each year is increasing and will continue do so for this country as the opportunities are too many. Monica from TopAssignmentExperts, a student-help company says that, “It is the best place to live for any student, the climate and environment offers them a great place to live and the money they can make here is much more than their native countries.”
  2. USA– It is called ‘land of the opportunity’ for no poetic purposes. It boasts of the largest number of international students from all countries. It also gives out one of the best part-time wages to students seeking to work along with their studies. Ask any student around the world, and USA would be the first name on their list of places. It goes both ways, the influx of students generates billions of dollars for the government of USA. Now, with Trump in charge, there have been stricter laws placed in for students seeking admission to educational institutes across the country. But, even with the laws put in place, students still seek to go to this country for higher studies and live a life there.
  3. United Kingdom– Though, Australia has surpassed UK in the ranking of top destinations for students; London is still rated as the best place to live by students all over the world.  In terms of education and not standard of living, UK is absolutely top-notch for the academic content it boasts of. Though, in these times of all the hoolahoo around Brexit, it has made the process to seek admission a scary prospect. The immigration policies need to be more welcoming to the student is such times.
  4. Canada– Though it is much behind in the number of international students it takes each year; Canada has ramped up its process of taking international students and increased the intake by around 40 percent in the last few years. According to academics at Essaywriter4U, the reason for an increase in the numbers is because of the standard of living it offers. Canada has always been known as a peaceful and open state. But now, it has done more to increase the number of students to its doors. After graduation, an international student automatically qualifies for a three year work-permit. It has also started encouraging students to take permanent residency in the country.
  5. Germany– All the public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees and few universities are termed as one of the best in world. It does not stop there; you can apply for an 18-month work permit after graduation. Germany boasts of a lot of migrants and international students; with the recent immigrant influx, Germany took the largest number to show that they are friendly to migrants and refugees. For students, it is a great place to live boasting of diversity and traditional history. Though, most Universities teach classes in German and that could be a problem for English-speaking students. It is suggested that you take language classes before applying to go there.

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