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Guide: Studying in Australia

As more and more students are looking to travel abroad to study for a variety of reasons; governments across USA, UK, Australia, and several other countries are making billions in the education sector. These students who travel to other countries bring a lot of talent to the country and work at a lesser wage than citizens to provide excellent work to corporations and organizations. They also bring in a lot in terms of monetary values, filling up part-time jobs, taking places of residence, and spending much on amenities. Though UK and USA are tightening the immigration norms, experts advocate in the favor of making education much more amenable to international students for the workforce talent and money they bring in.

Australia is one of the most diverse countries, not only in the matter of ethnicities but also in bringing about diversity in the number of students it takes in. Also, it offers one of the best standards of living across several countries. Melbourne and Adelaide are already ranked in one of the best cities to live in across the planet, so it is no wonder that students seek to pursue higher education here and spend the rest of their lives in this country.

Here are a few tips for students who are looking to study in Australia:

  1. Find a University- There are many Universities in the country where most of the students are international ones and who find it much easier to connect with people from a different country. Universities such as Monash University offer many campuses and admissions to students around a capacity of 75,000. That is a huge number and many universities like La Trobe offer guidance and counseling to any student opting to study there.
  2. Find a Place to Live- After you have decided and got admission to a University, you can very well find a suitable place to live and estimate your expenses. Websites like ThanksForTheHelp offer a unique platform to international students in Australia looking to connect with each other. It also offers a ‘Cost of Living Calculator’ where students have put in data regarding which city is the easiest to live and termed their expenses according to requirements.
  3. Finding a Roommate- Anyone who lives with a roommate knows the importance of finding a good one. Websites like Roommates and Roomies offer a range of places to live. Students who want a roommate or are looking to share expenses with a roommate can select people from such websites and come to an agreement. It would only be beneficial if your roommate is not throwing a party while you try to study for exams, so be careful and communicate your preferences really well to the other person.
  4. Finding a Job- One needs a part-time job in order to pay for their expenses. Most of the international students can’t afford to live on the income that is coming from their country because of the conversion scale. You can very well find a job by connecting to people in your University and counseling centers. You can even try to find part-time jobs on Internships, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Craigslist. After all, you will need some extra amount of cash to keep for emergencies or recreational activities.
  5. Find Help- When a student takes a part-time job and then studies too. It can be really tiresome and stressful for the person. You will find most students seeking extensions on essays and assignments in order to complete it, because the schedule just does not give them enough time to finish it. There is no shame in asking for help and you can find it on websites like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp which offer Australian students help with their career choices and curriculum.

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