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How could Brexit mandate affect international students?

There are varying opinions on Brexit and its ultimate affects on topics such as employment, education, health, trade, etc. The recent Brexit mandate was voted down in the House of Commons because the conditions of the exit from EU didn’t give many benefits to Britain, as it should give. There would be no use of getting an exit from the European Union if it doesn’t give exclusive benefits to citizens of the country. We still have time to witness a deal that the Parliament of England agrees with. The time of two years before the country formally exits from European Union isn’t over yet.

Much has been debated about how the Brexit would affect each sector. There are discussions about it if would be good or worse for the country’s trade. People keep talking if it would help them or make things worse for the country. Some experts say that people will have more jobs because of a set of tighter immigration laws introduced.

Nobody can be certain for sure, because the Brexit deal hasn’t formally been put in place and agreed between the EU and Her Majesty’s Government. People only have an idea of how it would affect each sector.  There have also come up politicians called the ‘remainers’ who are trying to get a second referendum for Brexit, creating awareness that it was a mistake in the first place to demand for it.

After the talks of Brexit, students all over the world voiced their concerns over what it would mean for the international students residing in the country. Many got on to student help companies like OnlineAssignmentWriting and PaperDoers to ask questions about it. Will it be make it harder for them or will it remain the same? International students residing in the country were panicked and got to online platforms to understand how it would really affect them.

Now, in hindsight we know that the EU students who were treated the same in previous times would now be treated the same as international students. They would have to fill out the same forms and pass through the same procedure to be able to reside and study in the country. It would also affect the number of years they will be allowed to work in the country.

Journalists and experts say that Brexit’s main reason to occur is to tighten immigration norms. There was too much of an influx in the country, and residents saw it threating the number of opportunities they got in education and employment. Believing those words, it will be harder for the international students as well, those who aspire to and those who are already studying the country. We have seen an influx in right-wing nationalism across many countries in the World. Each country introducing policies or some kind of law to stop the influx and make its own citizens a priority, as promised.

Experts in favor of Brexit argue that it would not have such a bad affect on education sector as people and the government of Britain knows how valuable immigrants are to the country. They bring in talent and depth to the country’s education sector and workforce. Experts suggest that a quota will be put to select highly skilled and intelligent people for education or jobs in the country. They go on to suggest that even if the same procedure is put in to select students from EU and non-EU countries, there is a chance of preferential treatment being given to the students from EU.

We will have to wait and see which of the above statement holds true and how it all works out for Britain. There is a lot of mist around this situation, only time will let us see the clearer picture.


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