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What can instagram do for me and my business?

As the benefits of Instagram for businesses are frequently being detailed, it is only natural to consider these points in more detail before you dive in and start putting a substantial amount of time and effort into building your own Instagram profile. Many people involved in businesses are making this decision and going for it and the popularity of Instagram as a means to promote businesses has led to the rise in websites which offer you the chance to buy Instagram features, with being one of them. These websites offer Instagram users the chance to pay for several features, such as likes, comments and followers, which can be used to increase engagement between the profile and other Instagram users and, therefore, gain more exposure, this being the key to success on Instagram. However, before you consider going through all this, first find out more about the advantages of Instagram and why you might want to get you and your business involved in the first place.

How does Instagram work?

Instagram is a social network where users can upload pictures and share them with other users.The way that this media can be shared includes several creative features and formats which offer more options than rival social networks. While Instagram began life as a place for people to share their lives with friends and family, it has gradually evolved into a place where all kinds of people and public figures have arrived to use it as a place to post content on a wide range of matters. Celebrities use the platform to keep their fans up to date with what’s going on in their lives, entertainers use it to showcase their work, media outlets provide users with the latest news and businesses are active on Instagram as it is a way to advertise products and services and promote their brand.

Why is so much attention focused on Instagram?

Instagram is proving to be particularly popular because it has a considerable amount of users who display online behaviour which draws the attention of businesses looking for new ways to interact with customers and find potential ones. It is something of a chicken-and-egg situation as the more people join Instagram, more businesses follow. Subsequently, more people join Instagram to be able to keep track of businesses. In the end, both groups feed off each other. In total, Instagram has more than a billion active monthly users and over half of these access it on a daily basis. Of these billion users, more than two-thirds of them are under the age of thirty-five. Thus, by promoting yourself on Instagram, you are immediately placing yourself in a shop window with more than a billion people from all over the world walking by, with the majority of them being in a highly desireable marketing bracket. As for businesses, there are more than twenty-five million businesses that have an Instagram account. This is encouraged by the fact that eighty percent of Instagram users follow at least one business and sixty percent of them have gone on to buy a product which they first encountered on Instagram. The engagement rate for Instagram users with businesses is far greater than the rate for any other social network. Instagram also offers business profiles which offer even more features than normal profiles and are an even better way for users to use the social network for the benefit of their business. With all this to be considered, it is no wonder businesses are being drawn to Instagram and the opportunities it offers.

Paying for Instagram features

Earlier on, we briefly mentioned that there are websites where you can pay for Instagram features and, in turn, use these to build up your profile’s online popularity. The emergence of these website is an indication of the interest in using Instagram as a launchpad for a business. The need for these websites is down to the fact that popularity on Instagram relies on how much exposure you get and the interaction that arises from being visible to more Instagram users. Through these websites, you can buy likes, comments and followers and use them however you wish in order to increase the profile of your company. It is important to remember that when you are looking to these websites for these features, make sure that you are working with websites that use real Instagram accounts to provide the features, as this will give it a more authentic feel.

How to use these features to your advantage

When using likes, a good idea is to use them to raise the profile of content that you feel is particularly important for your company or that contains information which could be extremely useful for your customers. Similarly, if you are using a post to make a big announcement, this is a good time to add the likes you have paid for as these can draw even more attention to the post. With comments, they can be used to tag other users that may be interested in the content or they can be used to ask for more information and thus garner more interaction. When adding followers, these can be do to increase the overall engagement with your profile as followers can also add likes and comments as well as being counted among the statistics for your followers. All of these different forms of interaction work together to boost your profile and get more attention. The added attention will no doubt prove to be beneficial for your business as a whole.


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