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Best Electric Shavers and Razors

Shaving is an essential part of any man’s life. All of us grow facial hair and all of us incorporate our razor into our nearly daily routine.

Looking sharp after a good shave can be a huge confidence boost, as a good shave can look great on anyone. To ensure you leave the bathroom looking fly in the facial hair department it is important to pick a good razor. After all, the razor is the tool that crafts a clean and confident looking man. To help you with this we provided you with some of the best razors on the market, that can revolutionize your shaving.

Yosaki’s picks for the best razor on the market is the Braun Series 9-920cc. This shaver is an excellent choice for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that it suits men with sensitive skin. This is a common issue that’s exposed during the shaving process, so the fact that it covers this is very good. I for one know the troubles of cutting myself during shaving and having to experience the small cuts and endless bleeding, not to mention the stinging that comes after a shave, so this is great. Another strength of this is the fact that it possesses excellent shape, utilizing the full ergonomic aspects that a good razor does to ensure that the nooks, crannies, and hard to reach areas on your face are covered well. Not to mention the fact that the shaver can also cover all different hair terrains; from thick facial hair, to head hair, and also short stubble, making it a versatile shaver. From the aspect of technology, the shaver is rather advanced because it actually uses SycroSonic technology to capture awkward hairs, and also tackle the ones that go off into different directions. Ultimately this makes it a terrific shaver as it not only can give you a shave, but it will also get rid of the unwanted hairs that can really compromise your facial hair masterpiece.

Quite frankly 9-920cc is the premium pick of razors and shavers that are on the market, as it covers all bases, skin types, and facial areas, and even comes with technological advancements to boost your shaving experience. Its said that you only get what you’re willing to pay for, but $409 is a lot. luckily there are razors on the market that can achieve this function but to a lesser degree and for a price that’s friendlier on your wallet.

That’s right, and believe it or not this another Yosaki pick. Instead of being the elite tier shaver, this next one is an affordable but well-functioning candidate. This is the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 razor, and much like the premium brand Braun it actually comes with some shaver IQ of its own. Despite being the cheaper product, it still possesses a rather interesting technology that actually evaluates the thickness of the beard in order for the razor to operate at optimum efficiency and to tackle the thicker and tougher facial hair scapes. Honestly, I feel that this is a rather nifty little piece of tech, and could definitely be useful for those of you out there who want to tackle their thicker facial hair, or even for those facial hair enthusiasts who want to provide a trimming and cleaner look for their hair. Another aspect of this razor that I like is the fact that it has versatile blades. The blades on this razor operate on both wet and dry, which in my opinion makes it a really convenient option considering that you can not only shave through a wet face but also do so in an on the go manner when you really don’t have time. This would be suitable for someone who travels a lot, or goes to a lot of meetings, and I know I’d benefit from this. If you’re someone who a) has a tough time reaching all the hairs on their face (like me), or b) likes the flexibility of the Braun, then you’re in luck. The Panasonic razor features a multi-flex head that is excellent at contouring and adjusting to the shape of your face and also gives you an easier and more comfortable shot at getting to those tricky spots on your face. Below the chin and around the neck area are notoriously difficult spots to cover, but the Panasonic multi-flex head allows you to do that with ease. It’s also a lot cheaper at $115.

All in all, these are two great picks for razors that can give you an improved and more efficient shaving experience. The high-end model of Braun is, of course, an excellent shaver, but the Panasonic one is also a great affordable model for anyone who is looking for a great shave.


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