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Does Your Department Need a Negotiation Strategy?

Every organization, no matter how big or small it is, needs an organizational strategy in order to work smoothly. You can’t start a business without a proper plan or strategy.

You need to be clear of everything, from how you intend to hire people to how you intend to win tenders. This all can be explained in an organizational strategy, which is defined as “the sum of the actions a company intends to take to achieve long-term goals. “

Also known as a strategic plan, it needs involvement from all the sectors and can take a few months to complete. You cannot rush an organizational strategy as it needs to be written and implemented properly.

There are many parts of an organizational strategy and they all have their own importance. One of the most vital parts is the negotiation strategy. “Every company needs a skilled negotiator to ensure the business goes well,” says one of the heads at Fbabee.

Fbabee is a freight forwarder catering to clients belonging to different countries. The company has understood the importance of negotiations and you should, too.

Let’s talk more about negotiation strategy and see if your department needs one:

What is a Negotiation Strategy?

It’s a strategy you use to convince the other person to agree to your terms without affecting your relationship. It’s quite like bargaining and things can go either way. If you have the best negotiating training, you’d be able to convince the other party to come to your terms.

On the other hand, if you have attended no negotiating workshop or took no negotiating course then you may end up taking a beating at the negotiations table.

While the importance of a negotiation strategy is clear, the fact is that not every department needs a skilled negotiator.

Let’s have a look at the factors to consider when deciding if your department needs a negotiation strategy.


  • Do You Deal With Buyers?


Target: Marketing, Customer Support, Sales, and After Sales Departments

If you deal with buyers then you will need good negotiator training skills to ensure buyers agree to your terms.

Todays’s buyers are used to negotiating. They would always want to make a counteroffer, and if you or your sellers lack good negotiation skills, you may end up losing on your potential profit.

This becomes even more important if you do door-to-door or business-to-business selling that involves personal contact. You will have to convince the other person right there and then and if you lack confidence or skills, you’d end up making a bad deal.

This is why we suggest you attend negotiators seminars so that you can understand how important it is for sellers or customer agents to have the best negotiating training.


  • Do You Deal With Sellers?


Target: Purchase Department

You need a good negotiation strategy when you’re on the buyer side. Businesses have partners and sellers to deal with. Since you go to them as a buyer, they already expect you to negotiate and the kind of price you get largely depends on your negotiation skills.

This is why experts suggest purchase departments have at least one skilled negotiator. This way you will be able to convince vendors to agree to your terms without causing a dent in your relationship.


  • If There a Scope for Negotiations?


Target: Individual Employees

You need negotiation skills if your department deals with other parties. Basically, you have to negotiate whenever there are discussions that involve give and take. In fact, at times, you will have to negotiate within your own company.

For example, the HR head may have to negotiate with the CEO to convince him or her to offer better deals to employees. Moreover, almost all employees need negotiating skills to convince the company to agree to their terms.

If you need a good paycheck or a promotion, you will need negotiation skills. The fact is that these skills are not only good for the company but for your individual growth as well.

This is why you should consider attending negotiating workshops and negotiators seminars so that you’re well aware of what negotiating is all about.


  • Do You Deal With Employees?


Target: Hiring and Finance Departments

Today’s employees are smart. They know their rights and they want more than their fair share. When you make an offer to a new employee, he or she would usually want to get paid more. If you do not have the right negotiating skills, you will either end up losing the employee or paying more than what you should pay.

This is why hiring department needs a skilled negotiator so that you can keep valuable employees without having to pay a lot. The same goes for the finance department that often has to negotiate with employees and other parties.

Having a skilled negotiator on board can be of great help.

How Can You Improve Negotiation Skills?

Now that you’re aware of the importance of negotiating skills, it’s time to learn these skills. Like any other skill, negotiation skills can also be acquired by opting for the best negotiation training.

The most important thing is to want to learn. You cannot acquire a skill unless you have the willingness to acquire it. Attend negotiators seminars and negotiator classes to learn the art.

In some cases, companies may push you to polish your skills by getting you enrolled in a course. However, if that’s not the case, you may also opt to register on your own as having negotiation skills can add value to your resume and put you in a position to demand a raise.

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