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Great ideas for corporate events

City life can be exhausting especially if you work all year round with less than two days a week off. For this reason, you might want team building retreats for your staff to rejuvenate the energy and create bonding in your staff ranks. There are many corporate events that one can indulge in during holidays that can raise the morale of your staff. Hiking and parties can be great, but all this will depend on your planning. Here are some of the corporate events that you should be thinking of.

Scenic cruise

Scenic cruise is one of the best stress relievers. There are no stressful activities, just blues to the horizons, lush green islands and fresh sea breeze. If you don’t own a boat, just rent one and take with you some of your closest friends.   

Road trip and camping

The best way to escape city hustle is to get your camp truck, load the necessary gear for camping and head to the woods. You can have a great safari trip, visit game reserves and encounter scenes that you never been to. Camping can be very relaxing, in the evening you can watch the sunset, and after lighting a bonfire, cuddle with your partner and tell stories of your encounters.

Go drinking

Alcohol and friends are two immiscible things. Some wine for the ladies and gin for the hard folks can keep your evening lively. Co-workers can come together and plan for an outing in a restaurant or a club which you can reserve if you have a big company, drink, socialize and barbeque some meat till dawn.

Ball games

Ball games can keep a mind off work to concentrate on the present: the physical strain involved, the teamwork and competition help in reminding your team the success they can have if they work as one back at the office. A weekend out of the office can be enough to hold tournaments pitting different departments in your firm. A ball game doesn’t have to be a tournament; one can decide to have these in their Christmas themes and have a setup that depicts a different type of ball games, celebration of best players and best moments of the game.   


Sometimes men got to get back to their barbaric nature and showcase their unutilized talents out of the office. Archery can be the option for those who would rather keep off crossbows due to the notion of violence that was associated with archery during the middle ages; darts game can still do the trick. Drinking games can also be incorporated for fun and competition; you will be amazed to realize how some of your peers can still hit the bull’s eye after several tots.  


Great corporate ideas you should be thinking of are those types of events that will slowly turn your weekend or night out from a social gathering into an epic timeout that you will never regret leaving your house. These events should also have a positive influence on you and your coworkers.  


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