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Happy birthday to my love – birthday wishes and quotes

Sending the right happy birthday to my love message will let him or her know that you value what is important to them and are willing to live life with them. Fortunately, it is very easy to remind your loved one that you care for them. A simple and well-crafted birthday message will assure them that you are actually serious about doing life with them. The following are examples of messages that we, at, have put together for you. They will be perfect for your lover’s birthday. You can model them to come up with your own great message.

Birthdays are special occasions as they remind us of the day we came to this earth. It becomes even more special if you get to celebrate it with someone that you love and care about. Check out the following messages for the person that is close to your heart.

Keep the happy birthday my love message romantic

Relationships take a lot of work to keep them interesting and exciting. Do not fall into the trap of boring routines when you can come up with interesting birthday messages to surprise your lover.  Sometimes it is not about spending so much money on your partner but more of looking for intimate situations. Check out these simple ways to keep your message unique.

  1. Customization of the birthday card

Nothing will show your partner your love more than you taking some time to make a crafted card for his or her birthday. This allows you to add something personal that will be more appreciated than going for a generic store card.

  1. Keep the messages personal

Choosing the right card is just but the beginning. The words you put on it are more crucial as they are a representation of yurt true feelings. Pick them carefully to avoid being misunderstood. Focus on love and growth when writing the words.

  1. Your messages must stand out

It may be easy to copy other people’s messages especially quotes and poems that have well written. While this is great, use the quotes and poems to inspire you to come up with your own unique messages. Your lover can easily tell what you have written on your own.

Happy birthday messages to boyfriend

Gone are the days when birthday wishes were only seen as something girls took only. Are you looking for birthday wishes to my love?. For your relationship to be balanced, remember to wish your boyfriend a happy birthday when his day comes. Consider the following ideas.

  • Come up with a creatively done romantic poem that captures a few things that are unique to him. An example would be: I know that your sense of humour and infectious smile are here to stay even when you get grey hairs. I love the fact that you put me first and that my happiness matters to you. May all your desires find favour and come to pass this New Year. Happy birthday, love.
  • Write and frame a poem just for him
  • Get him a pendant gift with a love message specially written for him
  • A great watch with your birthday message would be a perfect gift

It is easy to tell that your man will be happy when he looks back at how much you tried to make him happy.

Illustrations of the best birthday messages for your love

With a few ideas on what a great birthday message ought’s to be the following examples will help you clear any doubts.

  • Choosing to love you is my best decision so far. Despite your stubbornness, there is nothing I would change about you for you are perfect for me. I still desire to grow old with you my love. Wishing you the happiest birthday babe.
  • Turns out my knowledge about love was totally misplaced before I met you. Our marriage has shown me what real love is. As you grow a year older my love, I know you are getting a year wiser. You are becoming an even better provider, defender and strength for our family. I am glad to be in your team love. You are cherished honey. Happy birthday to my husband.
  • I would not change any shared moment with you for anything. They have all been exquisite. The laughter, the tears, the silences, oh my, the silences have always been deep, profound and out of this world. You, my dear are my perfect silent partner. There is no one I would rather experience life with other than you. I wish you all the good graces life has to offer as you turn older today my love. May your heart continue to glow as you bless others who get to know the real man that you are. Love you always honey. Happiest of birthday.

These are just but examples of deep messages that can go a long way in rekindling love that is lost.

Birthday messages for sister

Chances are that you have known your sister all your life or she has known you all your life depending on who was born first. Either way, she is one of the most important family members that you are very close to. Send her a personalized birthday message reminding her of your childhood moment check out the examples below.

  • If I could relive the past, our childhood would be it. Running around the fruit orchard, climbing trees and leading children around the estates are my favourite memories of us. You helped instil and adventurous spirit in me that I will carry for life. Your family is lucky to have the most fun and strict mama around. Love you big sis, happy birthday.
  • You are my favourite little sis and you know it. I have had a time of my life dropping you at your friends, picking you from school and showing up announced to irritate you especially when you are hanging out with boys. My all-time favourite is when you brag that you have a big bro that will deal with anyone that tries to mess up with you. Even as you grow old and plan to replace me with your hubby, just know I got your back. You can always call on me and I will be there. Happiest birthday our big baby. Love you, little sister.

Best birthday messages for her

Women are obviously the group that would melt for the right compliments. This is something good boyfriends already know and will do anything to make sure they get it. Here are quotes to get you in the right direction.

  • Today is a day that everything needs to be still for a few hours for a queen was given to the earth. I will do everything to make this day special for you, love. Happy birthday, honey.
  • I do not know what life would have been without you. Just by being with you I have become a dedicated, focused and happy man. I am sure that I want to keep doing this life with you dear. Happiest birthday as you grow even younger.
  • My goal is to make you happy hence the birthday celebration today. You think the last one was amazing, wait until you see what I have planned out for you today. Happy birthday sweet love.

It helps to remember that the best birthday messages are those that will be easy to identify with. This way, the recipient of the message will appreciate it more.


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