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How is the Construction Industry becoming Safer with Technology?

Technology is highly beneficial to us. It allows us to save time and energy. Can you imagine having to walk miles to go from one place to another? This used to be the norm back in the day, but now thanks to different vehicles we can travel miles in minutes.

However, technology does not only help the transportation industry. It’s beneficial for other industries as well, including the construction industry.

It has led to the inventions of a few technological devices, gadgets and machines that make it safer to work at a construction site. Listed below are the ways technology is making the construction industry safer.

1# Drones

The significant rise in the use of drones shows just how popular and useful they are.

They can help inspect sites, which removes the need for manual inspection, which is not only risky but time-consuming as well. They can reach places where people cannot easily go. Moreover, the can also be used to keep an eye on workers and ensure that they are working in the right manner.

A lot of research has been done on the use of drones in the industry, as many people also wonder if drones posses more risks. After all, a drone is just a machine and like any machine, it can also malfunction. Plus, you need expertise and skills to be able to operate a drone properly.

Most reports agree that drones can prevent or at least reduce injuries and deaths in the industry, which saw over 1,000 deaths in the year 2015. These deaths usually occur due to fall and slip incidents, toxic chemical exposures, or traumatic injury due to collisions, and electrical hazards.

The drone industry is worth $100 billion today and is said to be among the fastest growing industries today as there is an increased emphasis on commercial drones. The market is expected to surpass the five billion dollars mark by 2025, according to reports.

These devices are used to inspect, monitor, and maintain work. Plus, they are now also being used to transport goods from one place to another. However, they can’t handle very heavy items yet.

2# Smartphones

Smartphones are making this industry safer by allowing better communication and access to safety procedures. This helps ensure the risk is minimized.

3# Wearables Technology

Wearables on the field help reduce exposure to unsafe zones, i.e: zones that contain chemicals or gases that can be hazardous to the human life.

Plus, we have wearables that can reduce the impact in case of an accident on an injury. All this helps make the industry safer to work in.

#4 Improved Tools

Machines and tools have also improved over the years. PowerJackMotion linear actuators, for example, help reduce accidents. We also have machines that make sure the risk is reduced.

It will not be entirely wrong to credit technology for the growth seen in this sector. More and more people are willing to work in construction due to the reduced risk factor.

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