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CompTIA A+ Certification Exams 220-901 & 220-902- Brief Overview and Preparation Tips

This is a well-known exam which intended to clarify candidate’s competency level in operational procedures of IT.The CompTIA A+test is designed tomeasure one’sknowledgeof computer and mobile hardware, setting up and constituting operating systems, hardware for networking and troubleshooting, security and connectivity fundamentals.The exam is structured in a comprehensive manner and focuses on technologies across different products rather than a specific product. This means that when IT professionals get the CompTIA A+ certification, they will be able to work with different companies.

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Exam Details

To get certified, you need to pass two exams: 220-901 and 220-902. The main topics of the 220-901 exam are concepts of the computer, troubleshooting and networking,mobile device hardware,and issues with network connectivity. The 220-902 test covers installing and configuring operating systems, such as iOS, Windows, Linux, Android and Apple OS X. It also features cloud computing and security fundamentals, communication skills and operational procedures. Each test contains a maximum of 90 questions, whichare performance-based and include multiple choices. The passing score is 675 out of 900 for the 901 exam and 700 out of 900 for the 902 test. You are required to complete each test within 90 minutes.

PrepAway CompTIA A+ 220-902 Practice Test

PrepAway CompTIA A+ 220-902 Practice Test

Exam Objectives

The objectives of the test represent the areas you will be tested on. Here are the main topics of the A+ 220-901 exam:

  • Understanding hardware
  • Understanding networking
  • Understanding mobile devices
  • Understanding hardware and network troubleshooting

The objectives for the A+ 220-902 exam include:

  • Understanding Windows Operating Systems
  • Understanding other operating systems and technologies
  • Understanding security fundamentals
  • Understanding software troubleshooting
  • Understanding operational procedures

Tips for Passing 

Nobody wants to prepare for an exam and end up missing the passing score. If you have a goal to pass the teston the first try, you may pay attention to theseuseful tips:

  • Experience is the key

The PrepAway CompTIA A+ certification practice test exam questions 220-901 & 220-902 contain performance-based questions. This means that you should have the practical skills to answer them. It is recommended that you have at least 12 months working experience or lab experience before you attempt the test. The performance-based questions are the first questions that you will encounter on the exam, so you need to train your practical skills. This will help youcope with the excitement and discomfort that may appear at the beginning of the test. You will be required to answer different questions according to the skills you’ve been taught in the training course, so you should be well prepared for that.


  • Take advantage of multiple choices

Multiple choices can help you answer questions easily if you use them to your advantage. There is always a possibility of excluding choices, which means you can reduce the number of options and remain with the ones that make sense. By analyzing the remaining choices, you will be able to identify the correct answer. On the contrary, if you are going toanalyze each choice, you will waste a lot of time. Don’t allow confusion to reign over reason. Start by eliminating the wrong answers and you’ll get a better chance of picking the correct ones.

  • Mark difficult questions

There is always a possibility that you may encounter difficult questions that put a pressure on your mind – and it begins to seem thatyoujust can’t find the correct answer. To help that, you need to make it a useful habit: deal with the easier questions first, and mark the difficult ones so you can revisit them later. When you’re forcing yourself to answer a tricky question,you’re spending more time answering them.Doing so, you maylose thevaluable time to complete the entire exam. Mark difficult questions (are they performance-based or not), and stay focused on clearing out the easy ones. This will help you save more time to dealwith difficult questions.

  • Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary and acronyms

The acronyms used in the exam can be downloaded from the CompTIA website and you need to do that before taking the test. The certification exams contain specific vocabulary that is relevant to the concepts and you should ensure you have learned them before the exam. If not, there is a chance that you will encounter a question containing unfamiliar vocabulary.This may cause panic and you will forget the concepts you know. The only way to ensure that you are well-prepared is to go through all the vocabulary and acronyms used in the exam.This will help you to avoid any surprises and understand what is required of you in every question.

  • Review the exam objectives

The exam objectives can also be found on the CompTIA website and if you want to prepare for the exam effectively, you need to review them carefully. The main topics of the test show you thekey areas on which you will be tested on. You can develop a study plan andschedule your time in a way that will allow you to study all the topics before you take the exam.Don’t ignore exam objectives as they set the course for all your preparation efforts and you should rely on them.


Passing the CompTIA A+ exam is an important step to a successful career in IT. It is in your best interest to do your best and put all the necessary efforts. Ensure you complete the training and use all the available resources to prepare for the test. When you get certified, you can add a great new line to your resume and get an advantage in the eyes of potential employers.

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