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From Online Shopping and Peoplefinders to Social Media and Chat Rooms: Are We Using the Internet too Much?

With people of all ages now so reliant on the Internet on a day to day basis, it is little wonder that many parents have become concerned over how their kids use the internet as well as the amount of time spent online. This is a concern that has been further impounded by a recent warning from FBI officials who have issues a warning to parents about their kids’ internet usage.

As adults, we go online for all sorts of reasons from using social media sites or sites such as Peoplefinders to hook up with old friends through to shopping, browsing, conducting business, and more. Adults spend a lot of time online these days both for work and personal reasons. However, it does not just stop with adults – many children are also spending a huge amount of time online, and this has sparked the warning from the FBI.

A range of concerns for parents

There are various concerns for parents when it comes to their kids using the internet. Of course, the internet has become a hugely useful tool when it comes to helping children with their education and studies. But, most kids do not use the internet solely for these reasons. In fact, there are many children that spend more time online using social media with their friends or playing games than adults, which is not only unhealthy but runs the risk of addiction to sites such as social media and gaming. This can have a serious impact on both the education and life of kids, which is something that worries many parents.

In addition, the internet has become a place that is filled with dangers for younger kids with many trolling the internet and using it to bully others. On top of this, there is the risk of predators that focus their attentions on innocent children via chat rooms, and many kids have fallen victim to this type of predator over the years. While children are savvier and more educated about the rights and wrongs of internet usage than they used to be, the FBI still saw fit to want parents.

One of the things that officials have warned parents about is the way their own kids behave when online. According to officials, many kids feel far braver when they hide behind the internet rather than getting involved in face to face confrontations with others. This leads to them being more likely to use threats or start vicious rumors online as well as get involved in cyber bullying, which can then have traffic effects for those that it is targeted at. Officials want parents to further educate their kids about getting involved in this sort of online behavior and warning them of the consequences that this can have.

The FBI said that kids feel more empowered when they are not face to face with someone, which has led to the growing problems that have arisen with cyber bullying.

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