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Tricks Which Can Help Prepare Your Child For College

The beginning of school age is a time when children experience a series of mixed feelings of fear, the sadness of momentarily separating from their parents, leaving home and being surrounded by people unknown to them. It is the moment when you must take action and begin to familiarize your child with activities related to the school. To help him in the process of adaptation and socialization in this new stage of his life, it is necessary that you help him to share with children of his age. Initialize them in social activities like sports teams. Give her a book from Galore Park; It’s a great idea, as well as providing didactic games such as; puzzles, watercolors, block to draw or children’s kitchen, you already are activities that contribute to the development of skills, skills, creativity, imagination, decision-making, and safety in children.

Accompanying your children in the different stages of life is a wonderful experience that fills you with pride. The work of the parents is to make the children grow socially and emotionally healthy, providing education and helping to build their identity. To
make the transition easier in your child’s school age, we will give you a series of tricks that do not fail.

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Encourage the child to study; talk with the child and explain what he studies and why it is necessary to study. Explain how the school is, what activities they are going to do, how nice their classmates and teachers will be. Each day draws the possibility of the next activities, to motivate him to go to school. Create new habits; create habits in accordance with new school activities that include fixed hours to go to sleep early, get up, have breakfast, go to school, perform hygiene tasks, and do homework. Encourage and reinforce values such as respect, love, friendship, honesty, sensitivity, humility, and responsibility.

Accompany your child to and from school; Make your child feel that he is not alone. If you are with him, he will feel safe, try to accompany him on the way and look for him when he returns from class. It is important not to lie to him, to tell him; I’m going and I’ll come back for you. Ask him how he was and what he likes about school, how he feels when he goes to school. Make homework fun; harmony is necessary when doing tasks, it must be a pleasant moment, not to force the child, it is necessary to motivate him. Teach your child to socialize; you must help him to share playing with children, this helps him in the process of learning and to communicate better with the people. Congratulate him and show him joy for his achievements, reward him.

Teach your child safety tips; It is important to instruct your child about certain situations that could put him in danger.
Keep communication; maintain communication and good relationships with the teachers, this practice helps the child feel confident. Teach them to ask; It is important to teach the child to ask questions in order to clear up doubts, ask him to help him obtain knowledge, to develop skills and to develop better as a student.

Organize groups of parents and representatives; an activity that keeps you active in the educational community reinforces bonds of friendship and offers an environment of confidence to the student. Play with your child; recreational activities strengthen the relationship between your child and build confidence, give yourself time to play and enjoy with your child.

Teach you the value of money; you must teach him what you get with money, however, it is important to clarify that you have to work to get it. When the child has moved from one grade to another, he has become familiar with the school environment, feels more confident because he knows the school, the teacher, he has new friends, that is, he has socialized with the school community, however, many children, the summer they feel anxiety, stress, and sadness, due to the return to school, in this case, you must reinforce habits implemented in the first stage of your child’s education.

The transition stage towards the student’s university life constitutes a stage of challenges , dreams, and plans. It is a moment in which the student begins to create commitments. The majority of university students have the need to change their lifestyle.
If your child is in transition to college and needs a change of residence, you can help by putting the following tips into practice to help you prepare for college. Locate a suitable residence near the university, which provides ease to move to work and the university in the shortest time possible. You can search for information on blogs or in the university community.

Make a brief study of the residence partner with whom your child will share. The internet can help you, on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you can find useful information. Make the most of the spaces, preferably using modular furniture to maintain order as well as preparing a first aid kit, with useful basic products in times of emergency. Make sure there is no shortage in your child’s residence, a refrigerator to store food.
Locate and contract suppliers of basic products, with which you can make purchases online with deliveries at home.

Periodic visits to help with cleaning and order tasks. To avoid the inconvenience in the moments of sleep between the companions of residence, it is convenient to install small emergency lights, which serve to study at night hours.
Make shopping lists to supply your child with essential products since you will not have time to go shopping every time you need it.

It is a satisfaction for you to see your son in college, forging his future, preparing himself day by day, and nothing better and more opportune than rewarding him at this moment with his first phone, with this gift as well as making him feel that you are always at his side, you will feel rewarded and motivated to move forward.

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