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Europes Top New Years Eve Destinations

It’s only July, and the summer is still in full swing, but several of us are already looking to make our Christmas and New Years holiday plans.

While is it nice to see the new year in, surrounded by familiar faces of family and friends, more and more people are looking to travel abroad to experience how other cultures celebrate the holiday. Another great thing about travelling to another country for the festivities, is you get to leave the car at home, and so there will be no risk of needing any DWI defense attorneys.

We have compiled a list of Europes best New Years eve destinations.


One of the world’s most iconic cities certainly doesn’t disappoint. The river Thames is lit up by an enormous firework display, all courtesy of the Mayor of London. On New Years Day, the party continues as the streets are filled for the New Years Day parade. Thousands of performers from twenty different countries take to the streets to mark the beginning of the year.

If big crowds and loud fireworks aren’t your thing, London is a city filled with some of Europe’s best bars and restaurants, where you can relax and drink into the early hours.


When it comes to food and drink, the Germans really know what they are doing. Over a million people converge on the Brandenburg gate to party in the streets. There are live music shows, magic performances, laser discos as well as an enormous firework display that fills the Berlin sky.

Not to mention nearly two kilometres of food and more importantly, drink stalls.


The Czech capital is already well known as a party city. When the year ends, Prague really lives up to its reputation. The tiny back streets are littered with local bars selling top class Czech beer. In the centre of the city, Wenceslas Square is filled with stalls selling everything you could possibly want to buy, as well as a giant stage for musical and dramatic performances.

The official New Years firework display isn’t held until the evening of the 1st of January, but that doesn’t stop the locals having firework shows of their own. Many people take to the streets to let off fireworks and sparklers all over the city. It really is a sight to behold, but I would recommend watching from a reasonable distance away. These Prague natives don’t do health and safety.


If you want to see in the year in style, the Austrian capital is definitely the place to go. The main city hall square and Prater are given over to a street party, with bars, food stalls and live shows. But Vienna is famous for being a little more high brow, and so Gala dinners and the Opera are also an option. Whatever takes your fancy or suits your budget, Vienna has it covered.


Personally I wouldn’t even need a party to enjoy a New Years in Rome. The Eternal city is simply breathtaking even without a firework being lit. But fortunately the Italians like a party as much as anyone, and so the streets are filled with stalls and bars and a multitude of cultural performances.

Rome is the city of love and so if you are looking for a romantic break, you will struggle to find anywhere better suited than Rome.


Paris is viewed as one of the most magical cities in the world, with it’s stunning architecture, museums and art galleries. When the year ends, the Parisians also know how to let their hair down, and enjoy themselves.

You can take a boat down the River Seine and watch the New Years fireworks light up the Eiffel Tower, as you sip champagne.

I’m excited already!

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