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Top 10 Baby Names In 2018

There is no greater miracle than that of bringing a new life into the world.

There are approximately 254 babies born every minute across the Earth, and each and every one of them is a work of art. Like all great works of art, from the Mona Lisa, to the water lilies at Giverny, this masterpiece needs a name that will do it justice.

Parents often disagree over what to call their little bundle of joy. Some wanting more modern names, while their partner wants to carry on a family tradition, started by their great great great grandad, Herman. But before the disagreement gets too heated, and suddenly there is a battle of contested guardianship, take a look at the top 10 baby names of 2018, for some ideas.

Boy’s names.

Liam – The name Liam means ‘strong-willed warrior and protector’, and is said to have come from the Irish name Uilliam. Although it isn’t what you would categorize as a modern name, it has enjoyed a recent recurrence with Hollywood A listers such as Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth cleaning up at the box office.

Noah – Another name having a massive come back is the name Noah. We have all heard the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. A man instructed by God to build a boat big enough to hold two of every animal, and save them from the impending great flood. The name originates from Hebrew and translates as ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’. The original Noah must have struggled to get much rest or comfort on the ark, what with Lions and Gazelles in the same boat!

Oliver – The name Oliver is an English name meaning ‘the olive tree’. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. ‘Extending an olive branch’ signifies an offer of peace. With the way the world is in 2018, with so much disharmony and conflict across the Globe, it’s no surprise that a name signifying peace, is becoming popular among new mothers and fathers.

Mason – Mason is traditionally a boys name, although recently the name has been used for either sex. Its origin is from the occupational surname Mason, which means “one who works with stone”. Hopefully with the growing popularity of the name Mason, we will find the next generation building more bridges and less walls.

Girl’s names.

Emma – The name Emma is very popular in the United Kingdom, and was the title of Jane Austin’s timeless novel, but Emma is actually of Germanic origin. It comes from the name Ermen, meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. It’s quite fitting as parents often describe their children as their whole world.

Olivia – Olivia is the female version of the boy’s name Oliver. A symbol of peace and beauty. Olivia was first used as a girls name in Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night.

Ava – A shortened version of the Latin name Chava, meaning ‘life’ or ‘living one’, it is very popular across Latin America. Hollywood actress and singer Ava Gardner made the name popular in the 1950s as she enjoyed global success. Like many older names, Ava appears to be having a resurgence, along with the German variation, Eve.

Isabella – A latin version of the name Elizabeth, Isabella is very popular across the UK and Portugal and Latin America. It has also become popular in Italy after the actress Isabella Rossellini shot to Hollywood fame. The name also means”devoted to God” in Hebrew, and is therefore popular among more religious families.

There is indeed power in a name, and the name of your child can essentially shape their future in various ways. A name can stand them out from the crowd, and give them the confidence to follow their aspirations.

Whatever name you choose, I’m sure will be just perfect.

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