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Top 5 Holiday Destinations For 2018

The nights are drawing out, the temperatures in the office are rising, and many of us are already dreaming of our summer holiday. With worldwide travel more affordable than in previous years, the entire planet is becoming more accessible to large groups of people. Even those of us that might consider ourselves in a spot of bother financially, can click here to get some much needed tax relief, and free up some cash for that once in a lifetime trip.

If you’re already doing well, but would like to take your trips from once in a lifetime, to once in a millennium, you can find out how to save money on business travel, and use those extra funds to take your break to the next level.

Here are our top 5 destinations to tick off this year.

Malta – The capital, Valetta, is the 2018 European capital of culture. That will mean a summer of parades, live music, carnivals… you name it! Malta is a historically significant Island that sits in the Mediterranean Sea, a short catamaran ride from Southern Italy. If you are looking for a cultural holiday, Malta is the place for you. Ancient monuments are hiding around every corner. If you are more of a sea, sun and fun person, Malta has you covered too. Whether it’s waterparks, extreme water sports, or just sitting by the pool with an ice cold beer. Malta is the place, and all at a very affordable price.

New Zealand – New Zealand seemed to slip under the radar as a holiday destination, until the release of the Lord of the rings trilogy. Cinema goers across the world were left in awe of the stunning scenery. As Frodo and his friends trekked through lush green forests and over snow capped mountains, the New Zealand tourist board must have been rubbing their hands with glee. Advertising like that is priceless! If scenery isn’t really your bag, and you want something a little more exciting, then New Zealand can certainly help there, too. It has become one of the worlds most popular destinations for extreme sports like bungee jumping and wing suit flying. I imagine the scenery looks even more dramatic when you’re a few hundred feet in the air!

Thailand – Thailand ticks every box when it comes to satisfying all traveller desires. You can party through the night in the nations capital, Bangkok, at one of the hundreds of bars or nightclubs. Then in the day, the city offers some of the worlds most stunning temples, including the awe inspiring Grand Palace and its sacred Wat Phra Kaew Temple. If paradise is more your bag, the Kao Lak region of Thailand boasts clear tropical seas, and golden sands. You can take boat trips across the Kao Sok National Park and lake. Watch the sun setting while sipping champagne. It really is a once in a lifetime destination.

Croatia – The walled city of Dubrovnik is famous the world over, and while it is definitely worth a visit, Croatia has far more to offer than simply this. A couple of short boat trips away sits a cluster of small islands, that host some of the finest hotel resorts in the country. Much like Malta, these Islands cater for all ages. Historically these small fishing communities boast wonderful architecture and history. The Island of Korcula, home of the famous explorer Marco Polo, has some of the best water sports in the country with diving, kite surfing, kayaking and canoeing.

Cuba – Walking through Cuba is like walking back in time. The old city streets of the country’s capital, Havana could still be 1955. You almost expect to see Elvis Presley climbing out of a black Cadillac, with a glass of rum in hand. Cuba has idyllic golden beaches and top end 5 star resorts, and while we all enjoy relaxing by the pool, we recommend you get out the resort and take in the sights of this time warped, yet magical place.

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