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Exclusive to Street artist Mear One responds to ‘anti-Semitic’ painting hysteria

By Mear One.

I’ve received nearly a dozen msm interview requests over the past several days. After falling into one of their traps early on, I decided the only platform, apart from my own, that I will choose to speak through is this one. I thank David Icke and Gareth Icke and their team for allowing me this opportunity to offer my side of the story, uncut and uncensored, for those who are awoken.

In October 2012 I travelled to London to paint a mural that has, once again, become the center of controversy and condemnation. I had just gone through the cypher of Occupy LA 2011 all the way to its violent end the night the LAPD rolled through to dismantle the protest. Over the course of this year-long movement my experiences helped to crystallize my post 9/11 thinking on global politics and the economic slave system, deepening my knowledge of fractional reserve lending and other banking schemes that led to the collapse of the markets in 2008. These facts began to find design in my mind and while on the flight to London I sketched out my plans for a mural inspired by these recent real world events. Art has always been my tool of communication to describe reality as I’m living it, delving into politics, science and philosophy. Given the times we are living in today – rich getting richer, poor getting poorer – I felt the need to speak out about these crimes against humanity.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Using this as my ideological starting point, I chose to depict the likenesses of such early turn of the century Robber Barons, specifically Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Warburg, as well Aleister Crowley who was a kind of philosophical guru to the ruling elite of that time and a well-known Satanist. These men and their dynasties, whom I believe don’t subscribe to any reasonable human code of morality, have put parameters around what our reality consists of and are destroying our planet, indebting us in the trillions, profiting in the billions, while displacing millions, financing wars through illegal taxation. These wicked banksters have indeed been playing a game of monopoly on the backs of the working class. My mural evolved into a dark vision of an apocalyptic reality fueled by their greed, filling our skies with coal, nuclear and chemtrail pollution. I pulled further visual inspiration from the U.S. Dollar bill, which holds sacred Freemason iconography, such as the “all seeing eye”, accompanied by cryptic Latin inscriptions like “novus ordo seclorum” or “new order of the ages”. There are several other hidden symbols, which some may argue have Jewish influences, such as the star configuration that rises above the eagle crest forming a two-dimensional tetrahedron, considered by some as the star of David, I always wondered why?

Everything You Need to Know But Havent Been Told

Though there are strange iconographic images like the pyramid and stars, that doesn’t mean I believe the system is Egyptian, anymore than I believe there is some Jewish conspiracy creating and controlling our money either. So to conflate my anti-capitalist message with anti-semitic rhetoric, as the UK politicians and their msm puppets have so adeptly accomplished, is very ill-intended and manipulative. Critics took liberty to pick and highlight my written words, which were based in actual fact, about how some of the older folk in the community who claimed to be Jewish came upon me while I was painting my mural and asked me who these characters were and when I replied they were aghast at how I could portray someone like Rothschild in such a wicked manner. They expressed to me all of the good deeds Rothschild had done for the Jewish community and the world at large. That’s what they said! Also, for the record, I have never said anything about these characters representing anything more than greedy old European and American men in power. JP Morgan carried the look that interested me the most, that of a fat cat who perhaps had too much fine wine and rich food in his time. The cartoonish way these characters are depicted was inspiration I took directly from the monopoly game itself, knowing that I would only have but 3 days to gather supplies and complete my mural on a very limited personal budget before needing to continue on with my travels, which affected the degree to which I could execute these very complex men.

It was also their interpretation, and never mine, to point out “hook noses” “crooked noses” and other vile Nazi, Third Reich anti-Semitic propaganda, even concocting cuckoo ideas like how the naked figures under the monopoly board depicted “starving holocaust victims” when they actually represent the multi-races of humanity! As a thinking feeling human being to hear such stuff makes me sick to my stomach. It is because fundamentally I see humans as a species, is that so hard to accept? I believe that our religious choices do not define us. These religions are like clothing and it is the choice of the wearer to wear what he or she wants. That should not separate us as humans who breathe the same air and bleed red. It is the financial division that I take issue with and feel its unnatural effects on those who should be family due to species. This is one planet and we are one people, Earth People. The fact is that some are highly uncomfortable with others and would use divisive acts to keep us separated, arguing over nonsense as they continue to rob and pillage the earth. This is the world I painted, it is the world we live in now, and this conversation is most important if we as a species are to make it to the next level of our evolution. But this conversation was halted, my mural vandalized live on the BBC by a businessman in a suit who spray painted the word haganah (a now defunct Jewish paramilitary organization) over it, the mural was eventually buffed, and the rest is history.

I really don’t have too much opinion on the labor party. Their recent decision to dig up this 6 year old controversy and violently drag my name and art through the mud was theirs to make and only time will tell if karma is ever something they’ll have to deal with. All politicians are scum for all I care. With that said, I also have the utmost respect for the working class. My family is working class and artists and I have become self-reliant because of it. Growing up on welfare with a single mom in the seedy backlots of Hollywood throughout the Reagan/Thatcher years, getting my education in economics 101 from the streets of LA to Tokyo as a graffiti writer throughout the 90s, vandalizing city walls to find my voice, I have chosen my own path of freedom. I am an anarchist and over the past couple of years I have worked ardently to free myself from these statist shackles, radically disassociating from ideas that no longer serve their purpose. Change is coming and as a self-defense mechanism I believe that the new Crypto reality and blockchain technologies may be providing some answers. How do we get out from under the tyrannical grip of the banking globalists and corporations ruling our world? I believe it exists in the decentralization of our monetary system, but could we apply a bit of that thinking to our state of humanity as well? Can we decentralize humanity? I think we can and it has already begun and the usage of my mural, which is mirroring reality, is a perfect example of how wacko the media, the politicians, and their financiers are becoming in their attempt to regain control over a society who is waking up. And this is what they are really afraid of, for the greatest conspiracy that exists is the one keeping you from waking up to who you truly are. Peace, MEAR ONE

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