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What You Need To Know Before Your Hair Transplant

What You Need To Know Before Your Hair Transplant

Having a hair transplant is a huge transition, and one that can truly change your life forever. Your hair is undeniably one of first features that people will notice when looking at you and is often many people’s pride and joy, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s just the way you like it. Unfortunately, some people struggle with hair loss, and are left feeling very self-conscious as a result, but nowadays, hair transplants are available to change that. If you’re thinking about undergoing a hair transplant procedure but you’re unsure of what you should be expecting, we have all the answers right here.

Picking A Good Clinic Is Essential

Before you even contact a clinic to ask for a consultation, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve carried out a significant amount of research in order to find a reputable clinic. Longevita, for example provide highly professional hair transplants, and also provide a wide variety of techniques to help you find the best procedure for you, whether that is FUE, FUT or PRP (more on some of those later). With the excitement of getting a hair transplant often being overwhelming, many people will rush into the nearest clinic for the procedure, but this can be more trouble than it’s worth. Scan their website, read reviews and take interest in their aftercare system, as all of these will dictate whether or not their services are of a high quality.

There Are 2 Treatments To Know About

There are two main treatments when it comes to hair transplants, known as FUE (follicle unit extraction) and FUT (follicle unit transaction). Luckily for you, when opting for an experienced surgeon, you will gain better insight into which treatment is most suited to your skin and hair type, however ultimately the final decision is up to you. An FUE transplant involves your hair follicles being removed and implanted individually, whereas an FUT transplant involves a strip of hair being extracted from the back and then prepared for the transplant.

You Can Treat It Like Normal Hair!

Some people are often confused about how to treat their new hair after a transplant, with many fooled into thinking that it should be treated more delicately like a general hair extension, but this isn’t the case! Once the aftercare period has passed, you’ll be able to treat your transplanted hair just like normal hair! Hair transplants aren’t easily damaged when done correctly, and you’ll still be able to use your favourite shampoo and conditioner on it without worry!

Remove Cost From Your Consideration Process

Hair transplants aren’t cheap, and while you’ll obviously have to ensure you have enough money to fund the treatment, don’t dwell on this too much. Ultimately, the cost of the treatment that you pay for will be worth it in the long run due to the long-lasting, high quality results that you’ll receive. Many people feel smart when they find a bargainous hair transplant treatment, but truthfully the cheaper the treatment is, the lower the quality of the results. Plus, in the worst case scenario, they might be so bad that you’ll need spend money in the future on correcting the errors or even redoing the process entirely, which will probably end up costing more than it would have done to use a more reputable clinic in the first place!

A hair transplant isn’t a reversible procedure, meaning that when you make the final decision to go through with it, you need to be 100% sure that it’s the right treatment for you. Once you’ve taken the above into careful consideration you should be ready to make that all-important decision – good luck!

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